Haunted Rectory in Chester, CT

Our team

An excellent showing by ghost workers and S.H.O.N.E. members, 11 in all. We were busy. I hope everyone writes what they did so I can copy and paste it here.

Here’s Michelle’s notes: Hi all. Michelle here from the team. Today we were asked by a mutual friend to help with a nursery school that was haunted. It was reported by the Nursery School honor that others had felt the sense of being watched, sinks had turned on randomly, and once she was locked inside the staff bathroom. A few of us felt nervous energy as soon as we pulled into the parking lot. It seemed that some of the spirits didn’t want us there. Upon entering the building, some of us felt queasy and uneasy, even getting stomach aches. Moving into the main classroom, there was a really thick energy that felt portal like, however it was in the majority of a large room, which is not typical of a portal. The youngest member of our team, Jay, and I, were immediately drawn to the back of the room, and felt like somebody was watching us outside. Paul was able to transform the energy using only his body, which helped tremendously, and a few of us went around with bells to clear it completely. There was also two spirits in the room. One was a woman sent up by Paul, the other was a little girl since up by Sharon. We then split up into the different rooms. Another larger room had three Spirits hanging out. The one I sensed was an older man, flannel shirt, gentle soul, confused as to what he was doing and why he was there. His Spirit guides came in to help, and I sent him up with no issue. Another classroom had a little girl running around that Weslie and I sensed. She would not sit still , so for this one, I sent Archangel Michael and to catch her in his arms. Sharon sensed a priest in yet another room that is used to teach Sunday school, and sense that he was hiding in a bathroom not wanting to leave. She got validation later when she saw a photo of him. He didn’t want to leave because he felt responsible for the children that were being taught Sunday School in the room. When I explained to him that he could go back and forth at anytime, he left. Michael and Priscilla zoned in on a spirit that was in the corner of a room. It felt to me like animated energy, however Michael felt it was human, and was projecting many images of itself, and Priscilla explained that it had built a wall around itself. Several of us attempted to feel the energy, and it was very intense. I was hot to the point my glasses were fogging up, and I also felt queasy. Paul reminded us to bring in our power animals or familiars for power and protection. When mine came in it roared quite literally (its a tiger familiar), and I immediately felt protected. When certain people stepped into the energy, the energy became more intense. When others stepped into it that are more laid-back (Sharon and Paul), the energy immediately calmed down. Sharon ended up sending it up. Priscilla found a Puritan like male energy that didn’t want to leave the property that was eventually sent up, and Michael, Paul, and Jay went into the crawl space and found two more spirits. Priscilla went outside and found a protection circle, probably placed by natives many years ago, which we both felt was positive energy. Weslie tapped into an older lady who she felt was Maria Montessori, the woman who created the Montessori concept for children. She also got validation as there was a photo of her in the lobby. This brought the owner of the nursery school to happy tears, as she idolizes this woman, and stated she felt like it meant that she was doing something right by the children. Last but not least, the house across the street was also known to be haunted by a woman who was waiting for her partner to come. I moved her on remotely and later transformed the energy. Paul was able to pick up yet another spirit and moved her up. A great time was had by all.

I highlit one line to show I didn’t know what everyone was doing, but I wasn’t worried, we had 5 experienced ghost workers doing their jobs and the for the rest, this wasn’t their ‘first rodeo’. A couple asked me to check their auras for attachments afterwards and both were clean.

I worked with 1 nervous female ghost, accompanied by a younger female ghost trying to reassure her, Working through her issues she was able to relax and we sent both girls up.

Multiple people pulled me in to check something in one room, turned out to be a swirling vortex. It gave me a headache too, so I stepped out of it a few times until I knew what to do, this was something new. Bonus, there was a weak Ley-Line passing through it. If this vortex was in a person, the first thing to do is stop it swirling, then you could ‘talk’ to it. Wasn’t confident but couldn’t hand this one off. Stopped it, checked it out, pure Earth energy, not a ‘food’ for ghosts, No clue why it was swirling. Paused to walk around the building to verify the Ley-Line. Nothing needed to be done. Told the owner/manager/client to enjoy it, if anyone needed a boost in energy, just step into it. The headaches had gone.

Michelle asked me to deal with an angry male ghost, she wasn’t making headway. Took on his energy, didn’t take it personally and was able to reduce his anger. To teach while doing this I related how I was ‘translating’ his issues, each body part has an energetic function, as I notice what was stressed, described that issue and transformed it, throat, heart, knees turned inwards, feet, mouth opening, right side of heart. Underneath the anger was fear. Finally able to remove the fear and found the man was instead a boy, and he’d been asked to be the ‘Man of the House’ when his father was no longer around and no other older male available. He could not do it. Much too young, so he was afraid, and hid it by putting out anger as if coming from a man. Little boy, I held him in my arms and took him up, met by his mother on the way up, they held one hand then two and she took him the rest of the way.

In one case where there was an energetic wall, Sharon mentioned her Power Animal was present, so I called on my Power Animal and immediately felt the energy flowing, so I asked everyone else to call on their Power Animals, went around finding people to join us, and learned most didn’t know who was their Power Animal. I’d set up a meeting / class and get that dealt with soon. Once the wall was breached, business as usual.

Michael called me in on one ghost, surprising he’d asked me, this one wasn’t listening, again anger involved, again fear underneath, it’s so common find one emotional theme at a place and you find related ones in the rest of the ghosts.

One ghost with barriers, I just walked in and shared my energy field, and it was nice, this ghost really liked me, she didn’t need to keep her barriers up, mine were doing the job automatically. Swapped out with Priscilla, she had to put her barriers up again, so I went back in, swapped out one, two? more times for others to get a feel, then we were able to move her on.

Sharon used Reiki to shield the place, Michael reported all the Land Guardians et al. were now outside, happy, doing their jobs.

Priscilla had brought homemade cookies and we talked outside for a while, then I lead the group in timelining to this spot, far into the past. Michelle halted us at a festival, and various members described the natural and easy living they sensed in the people present at that time.

One more job to do, across the road upstairs some ghost activity, Michelle and I did remote work to move on the ghost.

I really enjoyed inviting members to feel what I sensed in different rooms, there’s been significant increases in their sensitivity. Michael reported there were 18 ghosts to move on, seems like we got them all. No worries about the vortex, if it needed to spin it would do so. Apologies to anyone not mentioned, because everyone contributed today.

Discussion afterwards