Return to Pequabuck Tunnel

A S.H.O.N.E. member told me she’d gone back to Pequabuck Tunnel and there was still something scary there and it had hidden when we went through previously (see Pequabuck Tunnel, Plymouth CT on 4/11/2021).

I had Tuesday off work so I went alone. A nice warm day in November, I packed for colder weather (inside the tunnel) and made hot chocolate, like I had that first time.

Entering from the East end, the safety nooks still had stuck energy, somewhat fearful and I removed that. By the way, I’d left a text with someone telling them where I was, just in case something bad happened.

About 1/3 of the way in I felt watched, and noticed some anxious feelings (collapsing tunnel, trapped inside, getting injured in a fall and no help coming), couldn’t get more details so I pressed on, and it faded, so at 2/3 of the way in I turned around and tried sending healing colors, not sure why, intuition, my guess. Whatever it was responded fearfully to yellow, as in sunlight, and blue, as in sky. Interesting. Not the usual reaction of a ghost taking on energies to heal. Why was it towards the east end of the tunnel, mostly in the middle? More people came in that way? The sun was closer to the West end, lighting up that end more? Why had I missed it the first time?

All significant questions, helping me to identify what it was. I tend to miss Earth energies. (For those into Astrology, I have no planets in Earth signs, unless you count progressions). This thing wanted to stay in or under Earth, not be exposed to Sun and Sky. I reached out and found it within the roof of the tunnel, and pulled it towards me.

Not so scary now, and much smaller than I expected for an Earth elemental, no wonder it hid that first time. I kept holding it and it faded away. Nothing else on the way out of the tunnel.

How to prove the tunnel was now clear? A little bit of hot chocolate first then walk back the way I’d come. All peaceful.