Cheshire ghosts

Priscilla’s notes first as she gives a better background for tonight’s work:

We were called to the client’s home who was experiencing new paranormal events following a recent visit to a cemetery. The client felt they brought someone or something back with them.  They had had the sensation of coldness and a dark presence but also felt a separate warmer presence .  They were hearing footsteps, singing/humming and keys rattling.
I immediately felt love and appreciation. I was getting the sensation that one of the spirits that followed them home was grateful for their acceptance. At first I could not really feel a definite gender but there was a femininity. The presence I felt was gentle and full of love and appreciation. She latched onto the client as someone would hold a warm blanket in the cold of winter.
I did sense that this soul had taken their own life to end their emotional pain.  I sensed that their death was the result of taking many pills, maybe sleeping pills and then laying herself on the train tracks. I did sense that she had left her physical body before the train hit her. I could sense that she was looking at her body as the train approached. She felt free for the first time.
There was also a darker male presence connected to her. Like a father figure. He was very controlling and physically violent. He had followed her as she passed from this life. He still wanted to have control. 
As I communicated with the female spirit, I felt her need to be accepted for who she was.  She was finding that love and acceptance within the home of the client.  She related to me that she wished she had known the client while she was still on Earth.  But it was a different time.  My sense was that it was the early 70’s. My spirit friend showed me how she wanted to have long hair, a headband and wear bell-bottoms.  She did have a beautiful singing voice too. She showed me images of Janice Joplin and said that is how she wanted to be received and remembered. She did not want to move on from this place of comfort.  The client was even willing to let her stay.  I did bring down members of the LGBTQ community who had passed.  Many were singers and performers who had passed.  They welcomed her with open arms and quite a few show tunes. She was amazed at the party she was being invited too. In the end she did move on with her new chosen family with an open invitation from the client to visit anytime.
The controlling male energy was a bit stubborn and quite obnoxious. He did end up giving up control much like a school yard bully when they know they’ve been defeated.  His soul has a lot to learn and I imagine he will return for another lesson on how to love.
After we moved the spirits on. We were told that there was a young female friend of a sibling, who had died on the railroad tracks many  years earlier.  Although, her known history did not match what I had received. I can only convey what I receive. I hope that the souls we did make contact with do find their peace.

Now my regular notes:

Creepy feelings, sounds of keys rattling in the early hours, Priscilla and I responding with some S.H.O.N.E members observing. Immediately on entering Priscilla was in touch with a female ghost, and led us to one bedroom. Having nothing to do, I cleared out the stuck energy in the bed. The ghost had been harassed by her father and had little self-esteem, the boyfriend hadn’t been supportive and she’d killed herself on some railroad tracks in a neighboring town. She wouldn’t move on.

Something new, Priscilla had brought a recorder and was using it, asking the ghost questions and allowing some time for the ghost to answer, she’d check the recording later to listen for responses. I never included audio devices in my work because my hearing is not good enough to do that. My limitations should not set the style for anybody else, so I welcomed her initiative and hoped for results.

Trauma! That’s more of my thing, and I tapped in to the ghost, connecting with her last moment alive, as the train ran over her. She’d been replaying that moment for years, 5 seconds over and over and over… I was able to slowly drain out the experience, leading to her recalling the recent breakup with her boyfriend and then the most recent time her father had yelled at her in anger for her behavior.

It still looked like she was not going to move on, I asked a Guide to come down and talk with her, but that was likely to take ages, and I was imposing on the Guide to allocate so much time. I had more work to do.

Next came her esteem issues, empathizing, helping her to release them. Priscilla stepped back in to work with her and was able to move her on.

The client reported feeling icy sensations at times, so I timelined and felt a male ghost, arguing with the resident female ghost. It was her father. Nasty piece of work, total asshole. Had issues with all women, except his mother who he felt had supported everything he did and did not impose her ideas and wishes on him. I didn’t want to overlap my energies with him, but what else could I do, no way was he capable of ascending. Resisting all the way, rejecting my feedback, slow going. I tried something I’d done once before, and took him back to one of his past lives when he’d been a woman, he rejected that too, I considered finding a past life where he’d been gay but gave that up. He only liked being with other guys. Wearing him down took ages. Finally he was capable of moving on and he did.

Tea! Yes. I needed a break and to chat with the client and S.H.O.N.E members. We talked about a previous ghost trip to a tunnel in the Bristol area (Pequabuck Tunnel, Plymouth CT on 4/11/2021), one member had gone back and was hit by a strong presence, that ghost had been noticed by the leading group and then he’d hidden, I’d missed him. Nasty and powerful, I’ll have to go back there. The client needed some aura work, I offered it to Priscilla but she wanted to watch. I felt each chakra, then moved my hand through the troubled ones, then restarted, stopping at each blocked junction to relate the issue, for the client to work on later. Third eye issues mainly.

Rattling keys, in another bedroom. I timelined to hear them, my hearing is adequate, it’s just not good enough to discern faint sounds against a noisy background on a recorder. Rotating to get the direction of the sound, I’ve had to do that before in an office, multiple phones, but unable to point to which one was ringing until I spun around so my good ear faced the phone. Finding the location, I reached out to grab the keys and got in touch with a male ghost, a father-type figure who wanted the client to get moving, she had things to do. Trying to find out what, all I could sense was a black rectangle, I interpreted this as the client’s third eye sensing was blocked, and this ghost wanted her to deal with it. Her limitation is not mine, so I was able to see behind the darkness. Understanding is something else. I saw a sheepskin rug draped over a table. It didn’t mean anything to the client either.

It was getting late, approaching my bed time, so I offered to come back if the client needed any more work, and we left, car-pooled so I took Priscilla home and caught up with more news on the way.