Windham Ghosts, part 2.

The Windham Textile Museum is a 411 Main St. Willimantic CT06226, and was open for touring. A couple in Halloween attire arrived at the same time, we watched the video first, then explored, I quickly moved up to the second floor where there had been reports of activity, so I could do my thing without the public looking at me weirdly. Some cold spots, so I removed those. No ghosts. Looked into the unlocked vault, nothing of interest there ghost-wise.

Third floor is the library and I was grateful that one of the staff there (a Director I was later told) opened the conversation, and I learned so much about how difficult life was for the workers, how dangerous it had been, and business practices and attitudes. Part of my background is emergency medicine, teaching English as a Second Language, and he was able to answer those questions well. The guy knew lots of interesting stuff.

No ghost activity, the trauma had been in the work buildings, and they had actual textile machines in the neighboring building, and there I found some ghosts who had found the place familiar, they were easy to move on. Scary machines, lacking safety shields, plus the cotton fibers that escaped into the air to lodge in workers lungs, eventually killing them, made me feel uncomfortable, so I didn’t stay long. Thoroughly enjoyed the visit, you can find out more at, or or 860-456-2178, open Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10:00am – 4:00 pm

I’d spent 2 hours doing all the ghost work, no help, so the third location the Capitol Theater at 896, Main St. Willimantic got the leftovers of my energy. Modern building, renovated over the original, and closed. Nothing screamed at me, so I expanded my energy field, grabbed every ghost I could feel, and took them all up to Heaven, and left them to deal with it. I hadn’t asked the ghosts if they wanted to move on, the Higher Spirits had to scramble to process them, sort of annoyed at me.

Coffee! And cake at my favorite place, some people wore Halloween attire which I appreciated. I wore my S.H.O.N.E t-shirt, so I was dressed up as a ghost-worker!