Windham Ghosts, part 1

It’s Halloween and I’d picked out three places in Windham CT to visit, first The Old Windham Inn, then the Windham Textile Museum and the Capitol Theater. Three people had show interest, one texted me to say she wasn’t coming, I expected the other two to show up there.

As usual I arrived early to check out the place, and didn’t interact, waiting for the rest to arrive. I did see a fox, took a video, surprised it was out near midday at the town center, and looked up the meaning of the Power Animal Fox when I got home.

Noon arrived, waited a little, but no-one showed up, so I worked solo. I’d found some chillier spots behind the Inn, the building closed, no-one lives there now, and the front had an energetic facade to hide whatever was within from the church across the road.

Upstairs a ‘modern’ ghost, died mid 1950’s, he felt sad and alone, when I overlapped my energy field with him. I asked if he’d like to move on up to Heaven but he pulled away, he wanted to feel human / alive a little longer through me. Another ghost upstairs in an adjacent room, a female, she too felt lonely and appreciated feeling human again while in my energy field, the two ghosts hugged each other, consoling themselves. They accompanied me as I moved on to the next location, again upstairs, two ghosts sharing a room but not talking to each other, now feeling each other through me, and apologizing to each other for not keeping each other company and reducing the loneliness both felt. I often find that at any location the ghosts feel similar emotions. I had them join me next to the pond and talked to them, their Guides arrived and up they went.

Now for the reason I was there, reports of a man who killed his own baby by his daughter, he’d blamed her, and the local all-male jury had her hanged. He was hiding inside. I noticed a younger female ghost observing. I pulled down Light from Heaven, the facade wasn’t made to block light from behind it and it collapsed, the ghost now frantic and trying to hide. I did not want to overlap my energy field with this ghost. An Angel showed up and told me I was cruel, that I didn’t understand and that I had judged him deserving of punishment, and that I should do what I normally do with a ghost. Ouch.

I cut back on the Light and overlapped my energy field, and heard him, the child had been a sin, what he’d done was a sin, and that was ‘the truth” during those times. I took him up, but arrived at a courthouse type place, more appropriate to his time, where he would be judged, the female ghost had accompanied us and would stay to witness justice. I was told that I was no longer needed and was dismissed.

No-one had showed up so I drove to the next location, the Textile Museum, see part2.