Ponsett Cemeteries, New and Old

This event posted in Facebook / SHONE had a misleading address, we were going to the Old Ponsett Cemetery but had the New cemetery address. I’d had an issue with a poor address recently so was on the lookout. My map program showed the two cemeteries, so I turned up early to verify, the picture on the SHONE site was of the Old cemetery but the address was wrong, The new cemetery was at the given address, so I started texting people and waited there.

Present were Michelle, Brenda, Marian and myself. Never saw Bill. This place had a lot of activity for a new small area, Michelle set the tone by asking the two newer members to try to find ghosts. Michelle stayed with Brenda and I stayed with Marian.

I found some headstones with attached ghost presences and had Marian check them out. Marian tried to take this ghost all the way, I could feel something changing, she had raised the young girl up to the surface, and I’d felt a warmth, physical and emotional coming from her. It changed as I listened, she’d had troubles to deal with which made her very sad. I wish I’d taken notes as I’m forgetting details here. Marian isn’t able to ascend yet, so we talked, and I moved her ghost on up. I moved up those ghosts that were mobile, and we rejoined Michelle and Brenda, got into a discussion about some markings on a huge stone, then headed on to the Old Ponsett Cemetery.

This one is not as well kept, smaller but more crowded, many older stones marking burial sites. I found a couple of headstones marking ghosts and moved them up, then I felt pulled to an area of the cemetery but couldn’t find the specific headstone. I finally stepped on it, barely visible at ground level, this one was very different, no-one there, yet an energy attached. Going down into the ground, no body there. Could I be wrong? (Yes, I could, but not this time). Continuing, I found the ghost, trapped in a collapsed cave or mine, awaiting rescue. He didn’t know he was dead. The well-wishers had placed a stone here to remember him and the connections had remained, allowing me to find him. I started color healing then ascending but was quickly surrounded by his friends and family and coworkers, who sheltered him from finding out at this time that he’d died. They ascended quickly, leaving me behind, but I did get a thank you.

One ghost was a young man, he’d been injured and Michelle, Brenda and Marian had felt aches in different areas, my turn, he felt all stiff and I had to roll my shoulders and arch my back to help loosen him up, then I felt the fractured left arm, and something was wrong with his left knee. Healing colors, he felt much better, using my body to help heal him, he wanted to know if he was ‘fully fit – as in ‘down there!’ I could feel him moving around inside me, trying to find out. It didn’t help with three ladies around, and me keeping them abreast of what was happening. I started to take him on up and I felt a hand pulling me back down! “What about me?” a female ghost asked, “You were going to leave me?”. Oops. They needed to talk, work thing out. A higher spirit showed up to help them. I left them alone to give them time, later I felt an urge to go back to them. They wanted to ‘get it on’, assuming somehow my body was capable of holding them both doing that. I said they’d have to get new bodies to do that. “Let’s do it”, they both wanted this, fastest pair I’ve ever moved up.

Michelle and Brenda had found a cozy corner, a place where all the ghosts congregated and appeared to be having a good time. They tried but were not able to move them up. I tried relocating the ‘nook’ and the ghosts but with limited success. Taking up their ghost ‘furniture’ helped. The ghosts wanted access to the cemetery so that they could continue to meet with the ones still down here. I asked for a ‘Light’, an access point to guide residual ghosts to a passage leading up to Heaven. When I’d started ghost work, Michael, Crystal and I had always sought these Lights then bring the ghosts to them and tell them to enter the Light.

So many more but I didn’t take notes, I’ll add them if I remember.

Brenda knew a place nearby that had excellent coffee, but it was closed, she then led us to a good restaurant near the Haddam bridge, and treated us to a meal. Also nearby is a wonderful gem place ‘Into the Woods’, we admired their work then headed home.

Here’s Michelle’s notes: Went to two cemeteries today. Apparently there’s a new Ponsett Cemetery from the 1800s LOL and the second picture is the old Cemetery which is from the 1700s. Both had some activity. The first one we found a few spirits. The most interesting thing was the two rocks that I took a picture of seemed to have some writing in them that was long faded. I also sensed that the area was used for some sort of indentured servants to be buried so they were moved on. The second Cemetery definitely had more interest as there were a couple of men who were a challenge to move up. One of them asked Paul to prove he was a man LOL of course he didn’t. When I approached the the headstone of the man, my whole left side of my head pounded and Brenda felt like there was a pain in her arm. The most interesting thing about this Cemetery was in the corner there was a group of headstones that we’re all facing each other. The energy reached back all the way to the street on one end and all the way to the woods on the other. Paul determined that this was a meeting area for the spirits. There was also a spirit family that was together in this area, and Paul asked his Spirit helpers to create a light for them to travel back and forth easily, which I sensed was created close by in the woods.