Next Ghost class

I’m thinking about giving another course on Helping Ghosts Move On, it will start in November 2021, after I give some talks on Ghost stuff at a couple of libraries plus, probably have two courses running concurrently, one in the evening, one during the day, as at least one person currently signed up can’t do evenings.

Here’s the contents:


  1. Do you have a ghost, or something else?
  2. Shielding and Protecting; Grounding, Centering
  3. Increasing your ability to sense ghosts and other entities
  4. Increasing your mind to receive messages
  5. Connecting to and contacting Higher Powers
  6. Removing attachments and healing holes in auras
  7. Gems; using them to increase your sensitivity and capabilities
  8. Transforming energy
  9. Visiting Higher places; Ascending
  10. Time: here; past-lives; Lives between Lives and Time-lining
  11. Techniques to move ghosts on (up)
  12. Healing ghosts
  13. Portals
  14. Poltergeists
  15. Magic
  16. Curses
  17. Connections
  18. At the Scene
  19. Things that can go wrong
  20. Remote Work

            Handouts list, recommended books

            Field trip and tests

            Ghost trips, two students at a time, scheduled as they are called in.

Two topics each evening/day plus squeezing in the smaller topics at the end of the evening to make approximately two hours per evening. The newer topics will have more people attending as they weren’t included in the previous class.

If you think this is something you’d like to do, let me know. I limit the size of the group to give more individual attention, then when you apprentice it goes faster. Ten trips to homes and clients is usually good enough experience,