Richard Schafrick

Great Guy, unique. Read his excellent obituary written by Hollie Rose for more details. (

One of the ways I knew him was through my favorite coffee shop Klekolo, tonight everyone could say goodbye at a local funeral home, I went not just to say goodbye, not that you ever do once you can call on them again up there. I wanted to make sure he had or could move on.

Lots of people there I recognized, I talked with his girlfriend, who I’d met years ago, she introduced me to another friend who wanted to know more about my ghost work. I grabbed a seat at the back to focus on contacting him, he was there, as a higher spirit, visiting, and very much enjoying interacting with everyone. Not a ghost, he was already on his way up there.

I spoke with his younger brother and mother, let them know he was checking in with everyone and was thoroughly enjoying himself, and had already started to move on, there would be no problems.

Hollie asked me about the obituary, so I did my Medium thing, and passed his message on, to an appropriate response,

He was loved and will be missed and he set us all an example to excel in our own ways.