Velvet St. Trumbull, CT

This location showed up on most haunted in CT websites, with weird stuff, not so much ghost stuff, linking it with a nearby asylum. I had to go, even if it was to protect those going to check it out. Michelle and I, plus Bill, its been a while since he joined us, and a new SHONE member Matte-Anne who I’d met the night before at a Wellness Event in Higganum, hosted by Bill and his wife Roslyn. Matte-Anne is interested in taking my next Helping Ghosts Move On class in November.

We’d all driven along the street before meeting at the rendezvous point at the north end of Velvet St. so we’d had a taste of the energies along the way. We decided to leave the cars there and walk.

It wasn’t long before we felt something, a sudden transition, and it was getting stronger the further along we walked. For me, I felt weighed down and suppressed. It wasn’t ghost energies, for this was an area affected, so my guess was that a curse was in place. My experiences with curses is it’s too late, I’m in it and have to figure out what the nature of the curse is. So I asked everyone for their experiences, and asked them to share those experiences with everyone else, maybe to spark some idea or to confirm what they were sensing. Matte-Anne was right up there with us, she’s already got psychic skills, so we had four psychics working on this.

The rest of the team was sensing more stuff, but I was stopped with this, for me, this was job #1, so I had to deal with it before we went further. Michelle had picked up that the creator of the curse had been thorough in making it, but had regretted the results. Timelining holding onto the energy of the curse, I went into the past, to before the start of the curse, but told was still affected by it, I turned around and headed forward and met the curse creator, reading him, I felt how unhappy he was to be around less intelligent people, he had no-one to talk to about the wonders he knew and sensed, and how they had tried to suppress him. So he created a spell to curse them appropriately. He was sad that it had affected people who he would like to talk with, but they at times had to deal with mundane stuff, chores etc. and the curse had attacked them then.

Interesting curse. Three parts, each varying in some ways, but mimicking in other ways. I was able to take it apart, leaving three large masses, probably large stones he had included in the casting of the curse. One represented ‘the immovable object’, one represented ‘the irresistible force’, so what could the third one be? People can be stuck like the object, but also stuck like the force – not listening to outside information, persisting, unchanged. This third stone was changeability – not stuck. Separating the three, the force sped off into the distance and was gone, I left the object in place, and the change mutated and was no longer connected in the curse. What a relief. Now I could focus on what everyone else was sensing.

We wandered into the woods on either side, interacted with ghosts, helped them to move on, felt Native American energies, all good and useful, along with Earth energies, so we left all that alone.

Bill had noticed a cemetery next to a church at the south end of the road (now called Velvet Rd.) so we relocated and did ghost work there, many were just waiting (for Judgement Day?) and were easily moved on. Matte-Anne stayed with me so I had her use her senses along with me, then moved those ghosts on. One troublesome ghost had rejected Michelle’s healing energies, and ignored Bill, so my turn, I felt he was hiding, so I moved my energy inside him, he couldn’t hide now, and Matte-Anne felt the turmoil! Once he had to deal with us it was easy and I took him up, he was met by a woman friend and they held hands, ‘they had issues to talk about’ Matte-Anne told me and I agreed, he would stay up there for a while, hopefully permanently.

Here’s Michelle’s notes:

Small group today with Paul, Bill, and a new friend named Metta-Anne. Velvet St. in Trumbull definitely had energy as I drove down. It felt very similar to the Hamden street we did a few weeks back. I found two spirits in two different locations, one was a woman from the 70s who had been chased and stabbed, as I felt a stab wound under my chest, felt out of breath, and warm, as if I had run for miles. I also experienced some vertigo. Her energy was fear and confusion. She was thankful that I found her and I sent her on. We then found the spot where she was attacked, and we all transformed the energy. Paul tapped into the boyfriend and he said he was sorry. The other spirit was originally found by Metta-Anne, and I was drawn back in the woods to find her and move her on, a woman from the 1600’s who was lost. As we were walking on the road, the energy got heavier and heavier. This indicated to us that it was indeed another curse. Paul timelined, and found out that a disgruntled man have put the curse there because generations ago, he was surrounded by close minded people, and the curse was meant for anybody that was this way. The man told Paul he later regretted putting the curse in as it was impulsive. Paul was able to stretch the energy and remove the curse. The road felt significantly better. We then went to the cemetery down the street, and found a couple of infants, and many men and women who needed moving on for various reasons. One of the ones I encountered was a man who was unhealed and being very stubborn. Paul was able to blend with his energy in order to help the man move on.