A farm and business has ghost issues

Brenda, one of our newer SHONE members asked us to evaluate and deal with the issues at her family’s farm. Michelle had already visited and sensed a variety of activities, not all ghost related. Brenda, another sensitive also knew certain areas were active. I’d checked out their website (https://www.facebook.com/Newberry-Farm-East-Haddam-Ct-642399212506161) and wanted to go shopping in their shack, and done some other googling to get a background, on the site of the shack had been a one room schoolhouse, and there had been two fires there.

Scheduled to meet at 6, after business hours but we had an “in” with the owner, fingers crossed I could get some of their coffee.

A path had energy to it, Michelle was picking up angelic, I was picking up what later I figured out to be a curse. I’m always more sensitive to the bad stuff as that’s what clients ask me to deal with, nobody asks me to come enjoy their good stuff. The path was welcoming, drawing me in along the path. Not a bad thing, right? Except leaving it kept on pulling me back. But before finding that out we headed further into the property, our host talked about a ghost horse making itself known to her, but I tried, but couldn’t connect with it, I’d try later to talk with the Power Animal Horse.

Next up a small home, two ghosts brother and sister, they had been forced off their home when alive, some big business owner exerting pressure to force the sale, later the Railroad taking over, they had lived in the mid-west somewhere. They had found this place and loved the energy, felt part of the extended family and didn’t want to move, afraid like before. Lots of discussion, I took them up to visit Heaven and they were met with the people who had lived in the same small town, eventually we settled on them staying at the house but visiting their original neighbors when things were quiet down here, which was often the case except on family events and holidays.

Heading out along the path we’d entered I felt that drag pulling me back.

Curses are like magic, at least in removing them, for this one I timelined to speak with its creator, and found out it had been cast incorrectly, it had been meant to keep one specific person, a woman, there. So I took the curse apart and it evaporated, energy and curse gone.

Ghosts next, an annoying male ghost early twenties, died approx. 1985 in a motorcycle accident, I got a picture of how it happened but was unable to confirm it with the family. Michelle and I worked on his anger and similar issues, that took a while but we did reduce it and were able to get him to move on.

Checking out the house, sensing a ghost, a male, he had hated the sound of the alarm, hated the work he was doing, hated doing another day doing the same stuff, a day wasted not doing what he really wanted to do. For him I took him up to meet his higher self, as he needed to know why he’d had that life, I was on the edge of the conversation, he’d had to learn how other people suffer when they can’t do what they want. I left him with his higher self to work through his issues and move on. The stuck energy took a while, all that hatred, I could only take on so much at a time, taking it outside to wipe off what I couldn’t transform and push it to Earth, multiple passes until it was gone.

Back to check out that angelic area, it reminded me of Glastonbury Tor in Britain, an energy center and ley-line focus center, this was not as powerful but still impressive, a constant source of loving energy, I was not going to interfere with it.

Finally the shack, I timelined to when it was used as a schoolhouse and felt that same loving energy, the teacher had cared for her students, encouraging them to go for what they wanted, they could achieve it. Same energy of that angelic energy center. Ask the owners for its location.

Yes, I could go shopping and I picked up some Moodus Mud Coffee Roasters’ Mocha Mud. Turns out its made by a local business (https://www.moodusmud.com/). Life is good.

Here’s Michelle’s notes:

Hi all. Michelle here. Went back to Brenda’s son’s property this evening with Paul and Brenda’s daughter in law. The large piece of land that felt angelic last time is still there and has not moved at all, nor does it feel any different. After tapping into another tree, I heard “angelic realm” and “high frequency”. Paul thought it was similar to the energy of Glastonbury Tor and Stonehenge only on a lesser scale. So we left the energy alone. Paul did find a screwed-up curse at the edge of it meant for something else and he took care of that energy. We then walked down to the cottage on the property and found two friendly ghosts, a sister and brother from the 1800s who were dressed in pioneer like clothing. They said they really enjoyed being at the cottage and the energy of the family that hangs out at every holiday, and are very comfortable there. I heard that the energy is a give-and-take between the living and the dead. I also sensed they had some really hard times, poverty and lack of food, and Paul sensed that they lost their land due to somebody buying them out. Paul helped them understand that they can go back and forth at will, so they will be back with the living family at Thanksgiving. The daughter-in-law confirmed that one of her family members talk to a man named Joseph that fits the same description. Paul had also previously gotten the name Joseph of the male spirit. We then found the twenty-year-old ghost that was hanging out in the same area on the property the last time I was there that died in a motorcycle accident. We found out through a family member that it was a grandson of the previous owner of the land, not a nephew, and that it broke his grandparents heart when he passed away. I was told he was born around the same time as me which means he died in the mid-80s which was confirmed. I also heard that he maybe died in a head-on crash, and he had me look at the tree on the property, so I sensed that he ran into a tree. I also heard from him that it wasn’t an accident. His anger was palpable and I found myself pounding my fist into my other hand, and my heart was beating fast. We spent a lot of time reasoning with him and sending him color energy, and also got grandfather to step in to assist. His guides also came in and they all helped him heal and move on, as he was feeling terrible guilt of what he did to his grandfather. We then went in a house on the property, and we’re told that there was a male spirit hanging out that has opened closet doors and caused some disturbances. The daughter-in-law said that somebody saw him behind her at one point. Paul went right to the area where he was felt and seen by the family. He was a very angry man who hated his life and his job, and he looked very white and pale with strange eyes. Paul was able to move him up and then had to clear the negative energy out of the room in pieces. It’s interesting to me how sometimes you can transform the energy, and sometimes you take it in and walk it outside. I will have to have further discussions with my mentor on this.