What’s a party without ghosts?

Michelle scheduled a surprise party for me, held it at Sharon’s place and invited all the regular ghost workers, I didn’t snoop as to what was going on, just happened to arrive 10 minutes early and parked down the road, saw some of the guests arriving.

Great party. Wanted to keep on with the conversations but many were itchy to do some ghost work next door, at Sharon’s son’s place, so they started without me. That’s good, I’m training them to replace me anyway.

They’d found two ghosts a father and son, the father staying around to protect the son who had died prematurely, but had troubles with the son, so I joined in. Still having troubles, we needed a new idea, aha! Instead of overlaying my energy field with one ghost to communicate better, how about overlaying with two ghosts and backing off a little to let them ‘talk’ with a better emotional awareness of each other.

The son was hesitant to ascend, but he didn’t have a choice as he was completely inside me, so I took him up and let him see Heaven. No avenging Angels. No fire-breathing Devils. Just one girl waiting to talk with him. Time for a tea break, the son’s wife had already been alerted to my preference for green tea and honey. The two ghosts talking up there, I’d check on them in a while.

More higher spirits had arrived and the ghost was busy talking with peole he hadn’t seen in a while, I’ll come back later.

He was in my face, ‘thank you’ he said, he was going to stay. His dad was there, they could continue their conversation up there.

However, back here, in the bedroom, it was filled with energy, no conversation, but more than stuck energy, this was animated. Amazing, the two ghosts arguing for years in the bedroom had first created stuck energy, then the energy became aware, and now continued to stir the situation to make the ghosts continue to argue. I took it up and found more of its kind, it was welcomed, it’s not often that animated energy is created by ghosts.

The son came in to check the room, noticing how much more peaceful it felt.

Here’s Michelle’s notes: Hi all. Michelle here from the group. Today we were asked to go to Sharon’s son’s house due to a spirit being disruptive in his home. Many of us picked up on him being in a bedroom in a corner, and picked up his intense anger. The first word I heard was schooner, then he put a compass in my hand. This was verified later when I found out that the spirit was in the Navy. I saw that he was middle aged, and had a very tidy short beard with brown hair. When I asked him how he passed, I was shown blood all over his torso, and I was getting pain in my head and my face. I was asked to ask him if he was alone and he said no he was not. I also felt that he was hit by something and then fell. This was later confirmed that he threw himself in front of a train. I also felt his father come in, a peaceful man that was watching over his son, as he was the previous owner of the house. I sensed that he was a bit unsteady on his feet. We sent his son, the troubled spirit, multiple layers of color healing energy, as he was unhealed both physically and mentally. At one point, I started sending rainbow energy which did help. I also transformed some of the energy in the room as it was so heavy. The frustrating part though was trying to get this man to go to the light. I tried three times to have him come on the elevator with me to send him on, and I could get him on the elevator, but then he would make the elevator stop. I never had this happen before. His father had no problem going back and forth between worlds and got on the elevator with him, however the two of them would argue. Paul asked me to overlap my energy with the both of them to show them compassion. After we all took a break, Paul went back in and saw that a female entity had come in to talk to the spirit. Paul then said that as soon as he was able to separate the animated energy that had attached to the son, he was able to move him on. A new learning lesson for me, as I knew that animated energy could attach to humans, but didn’t think about how it can attach to human spirits too.