Just a house in Colchester Ct

Brenda, Michelle and I had just worked Foxtown Cemetery and we’d returned to Brenda’s place, Michelle had to leave so it was just me. Tired from the recent work, I cleaned out stuck energy, found one animated energy and moved that on, found two locations where a man was having heart troubles, the first location was where he’d collapsed, the second location was where he was arguing with his wife who wanted him to take care of himself and see a doctor, while he was in denial and angry with her for stressing him further. Messy.

Brenda reported troubles with a ceiling fire alarm, had replace the battery, put in a new alarm but was still having problems. I checked the battery connection and the wiring connections, tested the alarm and the light stayed on, previously it had flashed. Nothing else that I could check physically. Brenda insisted there was more, so I timelined and found a presence focused on the alarm. She was right. I grabbed the ghost and took him outside to talk with him.

He’d been a young man and liked fires, liked to set them. I overlapped my energy field with him and remembered the pain resulting from a fire at a girlfriend’s place, she lived in the corner room of a farm, and bad wiring behind the TV set had set that end of the building on fire, her property damaged, and something she’d been working on for me. The point of this is that now this arsonist felt the emotional consequences of a fire, previously he’d only enjoyed watching the fires, having no empathy for the people affected. Not enough to heal him, help arrived from above, a room had been made available for him up there to work through his issues and the Guide took us up and I pushed him into his room and shut the door.

Back to back ghost and energy work, I was wiped.