Foxtown Cemetery, Colchester and behind it

One of the S.H.O.N.E. (Spirit Helpers of New England) members, Brenda alerted us to something happening near where she’s living, and Michelle and I responded, just us three, we passed by the cemetery and headed down the path.

Brenda had done some research and wanted me to sense, without preconceived notions, Michelle had already checked out this place earlier. Not picking up much. Came across what had been a house, much stone rubble inside it, but nothing energetically to indicate what had happened there. Brenda handed me 3 pages of typed notes on an event, three people died brutal deaths, they lived together and had difficult lives. We wandered the area, continued on the path to a stream, Devil’s Hopyard further along the path, but we’d been there recently and cleared it out. So back we went to the house.

I just picked up sadness, as did Michelle, so we removed it. No ghosts. Nothing to show, so I timelined back to the event and felt it, the sudden unexpected death by shotgun to the back of the head, the bludgeoned face, and the slit throat. They weren’t there. That is, they weren’t hanging around there as ghosts, who would?

One ghost did walk up to me, he’d been one of their neighbors, avoided the family like everyone else did, let me know the house burnt, and they pushed the stone walls into the house to bury any sickness and to stop animals rooting around in it, smelling blood and maybe more.

One the way back I felt a crowd of ghosts following, so I moved them on, usually Michael does most of the work moving ghosts on but here Michelle and I shared the ghost work and energy work.

We entered the cemetery and immediately found the headstone of the person who built the house, his energy still present. He was hiding in darkness. Discussing with Michelle our options, light up the area, Michelle chose to light up ourselves and go down into the darkness. I pointed out that unlike regular light and dark, darkness cannot stop the light, here the darkness was stopping the light, someone, the ghost, was creating darkness in which to hide, fearing judgement. She found him first, so I lit up the area around them. He had issues with Michelle. He’d been a commander in the civil war and had led many men, lost many men, felt guilty, and she was a woman … I started to work with him, but Michelle called in the big guns, Archangel Michael, and the ghost was gone.

We found the rest of his family, all moved on, then we found the headstone for the three people who had lived and died together. Michelle moved the woman on, I worked on the brother who’d had a stroke, healing him first before moving him up, stuck energy remained, Michelle wandered around the cemetery but I stayed, because hiding in the stuck energy … The deranged brother was there. Still hiding, in more ways than one. I started to heal him but he resisted, knowing but not wanting to know what he’d done to his family, so I had to improve my color healing technique! He had also dissociated, so he resisted another color, my very new and improved healing technique worked for that too and he returned to face what he’d done.

Michelle returned to report she’d found the missing brother at the edge of the cemetery and moved him on! Yet he was still with me! Brenda had just signed up for a class on Soul Retrieval with Sandra Ingermann, this spirit had further split up, not wanting to be buried in the same location as the family he’d murdered. I talked with him, the issue was forgiveness, and the answer came when two Angels came to take him up to Heaven, God was looking down and had seen his need and sent special messengers, his fear that devils or demons would take him unfounded.

A good workout for us, but Brenda wasn’t done yet, she had ghost issues at her place, but that’s for the next segment.

Here’s Michelle’s notes: Ghost working today with Paul and Brenda. Brenda from the SHONE-Spirit Healers of New England group had heard of a town legend of a family torn apart by mental illness and murder, and she wanted us to investigate Foxtown Cemetery, and the farm property attached that used to contain a barn and a house that burned down. We ventured out Into the woods first, and found an old wheel from farm equipment long gone. The tree next to the wheel had grown with it, and therefore the wheel was actually embedded into the trunk. When I tapped into the energy of the tree, it was very distressed. Brenda said she would have her husband work on removing the wheel. We then found what looked like some sort of foundation where a small house had been. Paul timelined and could find no spirits that were in distress, and the Trees near me showed me what the house look like, and what the view was, and also told me it was electricity (lightning) that brought it down. Paul felt like he was being followed on the way back, and ended up moving a few Spirit on that were attracted to his light, as well as a neighbor of the people who lived in the house. I saw a native woman’s presence that was guarding the land. When we got to the cemetery, I was attracted to a certain tombstone that had ridiculous energy coming off of it. It was the captain which is one of the family members from the legend. At first I couldn’t read the tombstone and I found a woman that I moved on. When we realized the tombstone was of a man, Paul discovered the man was hiding in the darkness. He was very mentally ill and crouched down shaking, telling me to go away. He did not have any respect for me either since I was a woman and he was raised in a different time. I called in Archangel Michael for this gentleman, and off he went. We also found three family members together. The woman went off easily, however one of the men needed physical healing, which Paul took care of, and the other was a very mentally ill brother who was wondering around the entire cemetery fragmented. I found part of his soul at the very end of the cemetery and moved him on, while Paul work on the rest near the tombstone. I also moved on a couple of random women and men. One was very frightened of going to the light for fear of persecution from God. It took some reassurance but she moved on. Another was waiting for her husband to come, however he had already moved on. One thing Paul learned which makes sense is that if you’re going to use color healing energy, do it from behind the spirit in order not to frighten them with your light, especially if they are spirits that have never seen a light bulb 🙂 Brenda definitely tuned in to some energy as well, and is starting to open up 🙂