It’s a party, but …

I just arrived and the host immediately tells me ‘something’ was upstairs at night and disturbed them, and could I do ‘my thing’. Close to midnight something had been in her guest’s bedroom, it hadn’t touched her but it had stared at her, then bothered the host. Nothing present, so I timelined to midnight and found it, looking from above, just staring. I got in touch with it, not inimical, but nothing I could grab and pull into the present. I felt for a portal and found one, closed it, then went into the host’s bedroom.

A boyfriend had recently exited, permanently, so I removed his energy from the bed, timelined again and felt the entity arrive, it was more interested in the host, to the point of ‘tasting’ (that was the word it used) a hurting site on her body. I was able to grab it this time and took it outside, as the portal was now closed. I’d learned a way to reach the origin plane thanks to an entity I call n-D, and pushed this ‘visitor’ back where he came from.

I checked out the auras of host and guest, nothing attached.

Both were hurting but for other reasons, so my usual ‘party’ activity, doing energy readings, meridian work, palm-reading for some of the people at the party. It was late before I left, made a difference, made them happy.