Downs Road, Hamden

Michelle had found this place, reports of spirits of farmers and Native Americans, feelings of being stared at, a bigfoot-like monster and more. She arrived first with Brenda, while I had found the other end of the road, named Downes Road, and checked out both ends, a Y camp at one end, closed and a track beyond with one scary point energetically, ending at a barrier, a State DEP area beyond, the south end another barrier with red and white reflective tape, but no Michelle.

Marian joined me there, and I called Michelle who insisted she was standing next to a barrier with red and white reflective tape. Cue the spooky music. Michelle got us an address, and Marian led with her GPS, miles around and to the south, and we joined up with Michelle and Brenda, who had checked out the start of the trail, and were not going to tell us, wanting confirmation on what she had felt.

Thanks to a recent conversation with Brenda, I wanted to spend more time helping those struggling to develop their psychic sensitivities.

I looked up and around at the same spot, confirming her feelings. There was a barrier, Michelle felt it at her face, Marian felt it on her left face, warm and humid, we were not welcomed. We continued. Another barrier, this one had me feeling for the safety of others, since I had ignored the warning for myself. We continued.

A cliff off to our right got our attention, Michelle was not going to walk over rubble uphill to touch the cliff so I suggested energetically touching, which worked, we got a better sense of who had been there before, their focus the opening to our left.

As we approached an area where the trees faded away, another energetic field, that of optimism. We halted a little further along the path to discuss what we were sensing. Lots of animals killed, the food supply for a tribe gone, senseless killing by white people, no concern for how to feed their next generation. A ritual there. A curse resulting.

Michelle chose to reduce the stuck energy she was sensing, I chose to timeline to the ritual to get more information, guiding Brenda and Marian on how to timeline. At the ritual, no clear consensus. Kill the white man, educate him, let other tribes know what happened here and get their advice, curse the area.

Michelle had first sensed the curse but couldn’t describe it, and I wasn’t sensing it, or if I was, didn’t understand it. More timelining to the moment the curse was being created. The caster was going to use the spirits of those animals killed to discourage any more intrusions. That was not acceptable to me, to have these spirits trapped and used. I told the caster to find something else, and I took the spirits of the animals to The Happy Hunting Grounds, where they appeared happy and the Indians living there welcomed them. Back to the caster, he had chosen to connect this place to the Land of the Dead, something I wasn’t familiar with. Now I knew what the curse entailed! All of us had earlier on the trail talked spontaneously about our medical issues, those that may kill us someday. This place deters people by bringing up death issues, meanwhile the Land Guardians can do their jobs protecting flora and fauna.

We left things as is, but Michelle had done an excellent job, the trail was more open, no heaviness, a nicer place, but she told us it wouldn’t last, an that was ok with us.

Here’s Michelle’s notes: Small group today headed to a known haunted area in Hamden at the end of a cul-de-sac. When I took a walk a bit into the trail I noticed some off energy that reminded me of animated energy except I didn’t feel confused like I normally do with that type of energy. Paul sensed the exact same spot without me telling him where it was. My head and my hands were tingling, my head was hurting and my stomach felt nauseous. The energy hit us in the face quite literally. Paul sensed that it was a barrier put in place by someone to warn us to go away. A few feet ahead and we found the same thing only the feeling was more intense. Going thicker into the woods the energy was so heavy I felt like I was walking through fog, and felt exhausted, even though we haven’t walked very far. Paul sensed a spot off in the distance where something took place long ago, and I sensed that there was a ritual of some kind, as I thought several people around a fire. I was told that the land was cursed on purpose because there was a massacre of animals that shouldn’t have been. Paul timelined and spoke with a chief energy who was committed to the land and wanted to keep it the way it was due to the destruction from the past of the white man. We all agreed that the curse should continue without removing it in order to keep as many people away from destroying it. In the meantime. I spent time transforming the energy in order to heal it. The energy the walk back about a mile in was considerably different and much lighter. I was told this was just temporary in order for us to pass through. We learned a lot from this experience.