New Ghost group begins to move ghosts on.

There are 5 new ghost work trainees, in alphabetical order: Bill Brault, Christy Jackson; Sharon McKernan; Anne-Elliff Nicholas and Michelle Pellin, and they completed class last week, we had an extra session for Chakra and Aura work today, Anne couldn’t make it, visiting family in Colorado, then we headed out to Middletown for their first practice at moving ghosts on.

Last week I’d visited the Hartford Ave, cemetery just to confirm we could enter – the keys are kept at the nearby Fire Dept. on Main St. and one ghost came up to me and I promised I’d be back this weekend, so there was at least one ghost for the group to move on. I went to pick up the keys and the group parked at the St. John’s cemetery, where Crystal met them. Yes, Crystal, one of the original psychics at the Greater Hartford Paranormal Society, the group where I learned to work with ghosts. GHPS is not as active now though Michael still works to move ghosts on.

The group started without me, found some activity, and waited for me, just to provide reminders, add my 2 cents, and they started demonstrating the skills. Nice. Sharon was the first to move a ghost on and gave a lovely smile, it had been a nice feeling. Next they found 3 kids and a care-taking male ghost, Christy sat down to better interact with the kids and soon they were with their mother up there, and then the ghost that had looked after the kids was also on his way.

We walked across the road to the Hartford Ave. cemetery (marked Riverside on the Fire. Dept. key), previously I’d heard a presentation by the head of the local Historical Society about the people buried there, including some slaves, and went looking for more ghosts. Crystal let us know that there were 5 white beings present, on the edge of the cemetery, waiting. So there was at least 5 ghosts for us to find.

We found them, and more, the 5 white beings were there to help as some of the ghosts were afraid, some needed to be carried with TLC up there. Crystal and I backed off, adding a few comments at times, helping to get more information, letting the ghost group develop it’s skills, they preferred to use Ascending to help the ghosts who didn’t need Angelic help. Three ghosts were still in their coffins, waiting for Judgement Day, the Angels helped with those. Some ghosts needed healing – breathing problems and more had killed them, healing them first made it easier to get them up to Heaven.

Michelle was the main person narrowing down locations. Like which headstones were involved. Right from the beginning.

One ghost, a Captain, worked well with Bill, commenting favorably on his hairstyle, one that was reminiscent of sailors in his time, Bill moved him on.

I found one unusual situation, the ghost felt he was going to Hell for what he did in life, there was a sense of ‘gone’ but not a nice one that is left behind when a ghost moves on up, this ghost was heading down. I led the group over to investigate and we worked on healing this ghost, then I felt a different Angel had arrived, one more ‘serious’. I spoke with the ghost, telling him that it was not his decision to make to go to Hell, and that he had to go up with this Angel for judgement. Nervous but agreeing with me, he left with the Angel. Never had that before.

All 5 white beings had gone with their ghosts, I still had work to do, where was the ghost that had come up to me last week? I walked around and he joined me, a young boy, feeling uncertain, he’d been a slave and wasn’t sure if he’d be welcome in Heaven. I assured him he was equal to all the souls there and more than welcome up there, I used a guided meditation and a higher spirit, one of his family members showed up and took him the rest of the way.

The group did excellent, they’d felt the ghosts, felt them healing, felt the guides or higher spirits join us, and felt the ghosts move on, and they’d done the work!

Time for coffee and cake, just Crystal and I, with interruptions on my phone as the new ghost workers decided to go to another cemetery next weekend. Now that’s enthusiasm.