Aha! and wheels within wheels

I got a text, “it’s back, can you come here tomorrow?” Can do. Didn’t know the details, I’m ok with that, stopped in on my way home from my day job.

Back to Wallingford, they had heard a bang, something returned to the basement, probably the child. The wife had been pushed, one of the male ghosts probably, and something wasn’t right in the garage. The husband had a back pain and when the wife tried some healing work, something attacked her.

The problem as I saw it, was that the clients needed more protection, not just the shielding 101 I’d taught them before. We started with the Queen Nefertiti’s Headdress meditation to shake out any attachments and energize their auras. Followed this with a funnel up to Heaven, “Drop your Baggage”, then tackled “Ascending”. When I’d tried it took me 6 attempts to visit “up there”, but I could at least talk them through it and, with practice, they could Ascend too. Back to Earth, checked out their auras, always interesting, something new, read those issues, more homework for them to think about. About that back pain, palpated the area, did some medical massage work et voila, better. Read the MRI report on the neck, more suggestions there.

Time for tea, all this energy work on an empty stomach, I needed something. Ghosts? They could wait.

Tea over, down to the basement, the child was back, but no aggression, no sick need to hurt animals. Why was he back? Talking with a guide, they couldn’t keep him up there, healing his heart was all they would do, teaching him to grow up, no, that was up to each of us to do. I tried Light Healing, and was surprised when there was no psychological problem, instead a Heart (Love) issue, he seemed incapable of growing. I got a “shoulder shrug” type of response from his guide. I decided to ask his Higher Self, why have a life incapable of growth? He didn’t explain but took the child up.

Now the aha! Within the family an Autism problem, that was why the child returned there. Wheels … the Higher Self asked me to use the Light Healing on a bigger scale, remotely. …within wheels, Felt like there was a bigger plan behind all of this.

The garage? A piece of animated energy, very low activity level, just wanting to stay safe, out of the way, took it outside and up to join it with more of its kind.

The client reported getting bumped, but nothing else present, we’d spent a while outside, no feeling inside or out, if it was the sadistic ghost it hadn’t attacked as was its style, no angry ghosts either..

Done, but not quite, they’d invited a friend over who needed some energy training, shielding, she came with her spouse, so taught both, shielding 101, Ascending 101, her first barrier – what if someone special was not up there to meet her? She told me about that person, so I chose to visit her and relay some messages, all that Medium practice paid off, got a good connection, good feedback.

I came back the next day to drop off the neck stretcher and checked for anything else present, the clients reported all had been quiet.