A class on How to Move Ghosts On

At A New Page, 1060 Newfield St. Middletown, (860) 346-6544, on Thursdays starting September 28th, 6:30 – 9:30 pm for 5 weeks, plus a field trip if any of the students has a ghost that needs to be moved on. I’ll be teaching techniques to boost your psychic sensitivity, preparing you to interact with ghosts, showing you various tools to use, meditations to help remove attachments to victims, methods to move ghosts on, problems that might occur and how to deal with them.


Call (860) 346-6544 for reservations, minimum of 3 people.

Three people graduated, just awaiting field trips. They are: J B, Priscilla Lounds and Wanda Schiche. All have been invited to become regular team members based on their performance during class.

Another class is likely, earliest will be spring 2018 when it gets warm enough to have classes at the Dome.