Presentations on Helping Ghosts Move On

I’ll be talking about some of my experiences helping ghosts move on at:

October 21st Saturday, from 1 – 2:30pm at Deep River Library,

October 28th Saturday, from 1 – 2pm at Russell Library, Middletown,

October 30th Monday,  from 6:30 – 7:30pm at Portland Library,  

November 19th Sunday, from 12 noon – 1pm at The Keeney Center  200 Main St. Wethersfield,

Deep River was wonderful, I’d been there before and told not to move ghosts on, the new staff were more than happy for me to do so, allowed me to check out the building before the presentation, and were ok with me opening it up for those attending to watch me move one ghost on and clear out some stuck energy after talking. Good questions, I had more than enough material to talk about. About 20 people attended, 5 watched as I reconnected with a gay ghost downstairs, listening as I spoke for him as he worked through issues until ready to move on. The stuck energy was at two stones where it felt slaves had been secured each night.

Middletown had 9 people attending, the presentation was partly about how I use The Felt Sense to work with ghosts. Bonus the tea and cookies plus provided.

Portland surprised me, 21 attending, I’d asked them if telling all the scary stories was ok with them. Lots of questions and situations reported by those attending. Now have a bunch of people signed up on contact sheets for a series of classes on Developing Psychic skills, to be held at one of the libraries. One more presentation left, will collect more names there then approach a library.

The New Age Fair was delightful, approximately 30 people attending, saw many people I recognized and Michael McFall attended 🙂 More people signed up for a course on Developing Psychic Skills, which will be presented at Deep River Library, details to be set up. Afterwards, many had questions for Michael which he answered after the presentation. One person came up to me and asked that I give a presentation at Southington Library, look for a notification early next year.