A difficult call for Priscilla

Graduates from my Ghost Course are guided through a precepting process, do 10 ghost works, with myself backing off more in the last few, until the 10th work when they run the event. This was Priscilla’s event.

This one was messy, and i’m not giving details, partially because there’s a law issue with this one. Lots of upset people and one recently dead person who hasn’t moved on.

It makes me appreciate other people’s strengths, how they complement me, we picked out different aspects of what was going on, which made it a better job.

The ghost is in the care of an Angel, making slow progress up to Heaven, slowed by the need to drop his baggage, to let go of human issues. Twice he was asked to give a sign to Priscilla and I, what he gave showed his concern was for others in his family, not himself. I’ll check in on him to see how he’s doing.