Two Cemeteries in Burlington CT

One of our team Christy J. found an interesting Cemetery to visit, and checking on-line, there was another one nearby with a famous ghost lady, and a little while later I asked the team to go check them out. Meanwhile I had the idea that this would be interesting for non-ghost-trained people to join us and watch. One couple was interested but changed their mind, and “the” Michael (from GHPS/The Ascension Project) asked to join us. The group hadn’t met him before, so this was going to be a pleasure, and as always, Priscilla was in too.

Present was Bill B, Michelle P, Sharon McK, Priscilla, Michael and I, we showed up at noon at Lamson Corner Cemetery. Nice day though chilly. Michael gave me a heads-up that 15 ghosts were present. Leading ‘from behind’, I asked Priscilla to take the lead, but it was Sharon who felt a pull to the far right corner, where she reported feeling shaking, from the cold? One headstone plus 2 smaller blocks with the capital letter B on them were there. The group sensed babies crying. I reached out to Sharon to warm her energetically, then to swaddle the one ghost baby crying louder. Sharon lifted the child up and handed it on to a Guide to move the rest of the way up, and Sharon didn’t feel cold any more, lighter. The second child was happy and giggling, another Guide called and moved up.

Bill found twins, Michelle felt they were aged between 4 and 6 years old, one was scared. The group, parents, tried distracting the child, which wasn’t working, so I (not a parent) overlaid my energy field to take on and transform the child’s fears, then Michelle called on a Guide to move the children on, except they had clung to Bill’s back and he hadn’t noticed! Michael knew, but I wanted to give Bill a chance to feel and notice for himself.

Sharon handled the next on on her own, a 60 y.o., ready to move on.

Meanwhile, outside the Cemetery, Priscilla found an area where she felt attacked, a lot of anger, and a feeling of being undeserving or not wanted. The group tried talking to the male but he wasn’t having any of it. My turn. I touched the ghost and felt his suffering, My upper back hurting from the feeling of being whipped, and much suffering from the way he had been treated in life, I ended up curled up on the ground, crying and sharing the ghost’s experiences until I’d transformed them. The group felt the area lighten up and were able to move him up, and the two children with him, with the help of Guides. Sharon asked for the group if I was alright, my eyes wet, I said I was used to intense experiences while working as a Paramedic, and not to worry.

I pulled Bill aside, he’d not noticed the kids on his shoulders, he’d felt something but it had been so subtle, now, aware, I recommended he Ascend with them, as they wanted to hold onto him, which he did, feeling a welcoming group surrounding them.

The next ghost was an old lady, had an abused life, much religious issues, she was in bad shape, she wanted nurturing, so the group gave her TLC, stroking her hair, and more. She felt frail and was scared but the group gained her trust, not rushing her, and as a group they lifted her up, Ascending together.

I went to get some gloves, almost everyone else had them on already, and when I came back, Priscilla had led the ghost team outside the Cemetery, sensing then feeling a happy place adjoining the Cemetery, all of them felt it, came back smiling, Michael, who sees better than us told us it was a Nature spirit there, small, called a Land Guardian!

Michael had told me that a bunch of ghosts were aware of us and following us. Priscilla led the group in calling on Guides and it was like a party, family together, they all Ascended, still chatting away, catching up on things.

Sharon found a ghost, described him as an old man, scruffy, white-bearded, not nice. Bill reported feeling a ghost wolf present, with red eyes. There was also a female ghost present, she wasn’t his wife she told us later. I grabbed the ghost wolf, it took two attempts, the first got his face, the second his body, so that the group could deal with the man and get him to move on, without the wolf intervening. The man had somehow summoned the wolf, and once the man had moved on, the wolf was ok with me taking him up to join his kind, when he leapt off me, I felt his joy at being a wolf, glad to be free to run. What had felt like residual energy there per the group disappeared when the wolf had gone.

Michael found one ghost and passed him on to Sharon to move on. All 15 ghosts moved on. Well done. Meanwhile the group had split up and was now out of sight! We three went to find them, outside the Cemetery once more, Michelle sensing some life-forms, Michael told us they weren’t human, “critters” he called them. All sorts of animals, no-one had paid attention to them for all these years. Sharon suggested throwing a net to catch them, which is a Shamanic method, all of us held the net which we expanded to catch all the “critters” and up we headed to find a place for them.

I cleared out the residual energy in the area and we were done here, the place felt lighter and clear. Next, the “Green Lady”.

A few miles away at Upson Rd. Burlington is a cemetery where there have been many reports of a “Green Lady” who shows up at dark and doesn’t stay long. I’d read that the place has been closed to the public and anyone entering will be sued for trespass, permission is required from the Town, but I’d left it too late to apply.

The Cemetery is next to the road, a small area, we could do this from the road. No Green Lady, actually a Lady in a Green Dress, present. Two ghosts present, we moved them on.

I had the group practice ‘time-lining’, a skill used to find ghosts when they are not in the area when we show up. Michelle was the first to find her, and the Lady came to us and we talked. Some ‘dissention’ in the ranks, one person was ready to move her up immediately, one wanted to find out why she was there, me too, so we talked, found out how she felt, her aching, missing being with family, but also really annoyed at all those people that had gone there to find her and left her alone again. She appreciated us interacting with her, and then we asked for her family to join us and she was rejoined with them and slowly they went up and were gone.

Good times. Lots of texting afterwards with the rest of the group, Anne N. and Christy J. to let them know, including them in the celebration.