Momento Mori

This cemetery in Farmington CT, on Main St. near Pearl St. has been around a long time, but my interest in it is because of an event that happened to a friend of mine when she was younger, a group of them wandered the cemetery and something happened, her clothes were filled with grass, earning her the nick-name “grassy-pants”.

The weather was a cold drizzle, which worsened. I’d expected to also work on the nearby Riverside cemetery (160 Garden St.) but I was soaked and cold, so we’ll return another, warmer day.

Arriving first, knowing Christy would take 25 minutes to get there, I went on in. The entrance is a much smaller version of the brownstone Egyptian entrance to a New Haven Cemetery. A nice touch. Something drew me to the back.

At the back were lots of small headstones adjacent to each other, filling the back and going a third of the way up one side. Children, lots of them. The sadness was coming from the adults ghosts present. I called those who could walk to me, and asked for Guides to help move them on. They knew I’d look after the kids and any who couldn’t rise,

The first child I found had died when 5 years old, he was not aware of me as I gave him energy, and tried to rouse him. A guide arrived before he responded and I continued to send energy until the guide gathered him up in her arms and tended to him, taking him away.

I finally checked out one of the headstones with an American flag beside it, He’d been a Captain. I held onto the stone, something not quite right but I didn’t know what, when the Captain appeared beside me and I helped him move on.

Christy phoned, she’d arrived so I went to the entrance to meet her and we resumed the ghost work. She had a feeling, a pulling so we followed that and felt among a group of headstones to find which one held the ghost. From this point on, all the ghosts were below ground and sluggish, needing energy to rouse them. This ghost, a woman was concerned about the children but none were hers, Christy moved her on, we’d take care of the kids.

I led Christy to the kids, she was surprised there were so many, I directed her to stand so she could look along the line of them, extending her energy, hers stopped at the first ghost child so we moved to that one, warmed it up and a Guide moved it up, then onto the next one, turned out to be two together and repeated the ghost work.

The pull on Christy grew stronger, a feeling of anxiety, which on further inspection was the ghost thinking we might pass by her, leaving her there. Christy found the headstone and we both touched it to connect better. I worked on accepting the anxiety as Christy worked on reassuring and lifting the ghost up, and then on up. We both felt the reduction in nervous energy throughout the cemetery, this one ghost had really dominated the feel of the place.

I told Christy about the “grass” incident and we discussed how to find out. The big tree near the center or an attached nature spirit might hold the answer. down the time-line and I saw a group of kids arriving, one girl glowing so brightly, she had to be my friend. The scene shifted to a burial spot that was not well-tended, overgrown with grass. The ghost below was annoyed, doubly so with these kids walking above, so the ghost took some of the energy from the brightly glowing girl and used it to cut the grass, putting it inside her clothes. Later I found out my friend had been 30 years old when it happened, had come with family. My guess is the tree or tree spirit couldn’t or wouldn’t overwrite my expectation.

The weather worsened, the rain had soaked through my coat, and it was a cold rain, so we left, We’d do the Riverside Cemetery another day, checking out the Native American burial ground within it as well as any other ghosts there.