A nice Sunday drive

A friend wanted to go for a drive, she’d driven past a cemetery many times and always felt something scary there, her sister had been in the cemetery and called it scary. Sounds interesting. We’d pass another cemetery on the way and check that out too.

Warner Cemetery in East Haddam Ct, set a little back from the road, the entrance filled in with stones, so we climbed over. Nice place, nothing scary, not too big, established in 1792. Talked with a few ghosts, quickly moved them on, now to do the ones still below ground. Warmed them up with energy, they were still a bit confused about it all when their guides arrived to help them on their way.

But I felt there was still one more, so went over and warmed her up and she rose, naked and still sleeping? No, she was still affected by her human condition, some psychological condition maybe, she’d had to be looked after all her life. Covered her up with an energy blanket and worked on healing her, that went well and she was alert. No guide had showed up. What surprised me was that she transformed into a light being all on her own, headed up, knowing where to go.

Trying to wrap my head around this one. she’d picked a life just to enable some other soul to grow from caring for her. She’d known she’d get out ok. There’s a lesson in Love there.

Found the next cemetery, Millington Cemetery, established in 1749, adjacent to the road, not scary at all, so wandered around, help the few ghosts there to move on, nice place.

Didn’t find the one we were looking for, so we’ll return another day, meanwhile it was a nice drive on a Sunday afternoon.