Anomalies in South Windsor

Michelle got this call from someone she’d met over a year ago and remembered her ghost work activities. It sounded like a poltergeist was at work here, things smashed, electrical events too and on questioning, there were suggestions the problems were coming from outside – neighbors and drug dealers, of course we went in.

Here’s Michelle’s notes: Our next ghost adventure starts with a woman in South Windsor who reached out to Michelle to assist with her home issues. Client was experiencing strange energy in different parts of the apartment that could not be explained, followed by disturbing occurrences, such as the TV turning off and on randomly, lights flickering, items falling off shelves (and sometimes breaking), and a lamp that’s plastic shade had shattered for no apparent reason. The woman reported that some of the neighbors had negative energy, and many of the items in her home were antique.

The SHONE (spirit healers of New England) team consisted of Paul, Michelle, Sharon and Marian. Michelle was drawn to the mother’s bedroom. An extensive amount of time was spent in here, as many parts of the room had stuck energy. Sharon and Marian spent a good amount of time cleaning up the energy, while Michelle attempted to tap into what she thought was rerun energy. However, Michelle had felt this energy before, on a job in Meriden years ago, which didn’t feel human. Paul reminded us to timeline the lamp that had experienced the shattered lamp, and we all agreed that there was a trickster non human low level frequency was present.

Michelle then spent time in a corner of the dining room that she was drawn to. The owner of the apartment reported that that side of the kitchen table was one she did not normally sit at secondary to feelings of heaviness. Upon investigating, Michelle seemed to have found a portal. It took three tries to close this portal up, however it was done, confirmed by Paul and the team that the energy felt much better.

Sharon and Michelle then picked up on friendly spirits that were staying in the home to protect the owner. Michelle felt grandmother, and provided some evidence that it was her, and Sharon picked up on grandmother’s beloved cat. Both had immense love for the owner, which felt warm and protective. These two spirits were left to stay and assist.

Marian then took care of energetic issues of the woman’s aura, and Paul said that she was a gifted healer not using her gifts and talents(*!!!!). Paul also believed this was tied to the trickster energy in some way, to help wake the client up to their spiritual gifts. *Paul later realized the Trickster was speaking through him, as Higher Spirits do not tell people what to do.

Michelle looked down, and found a penny in the middle of the living room carpet. It was confirmed by the owner that the penny was not there previously. A few minutes later, a dime appeared in the same room on the floor. The flat screen TV turned on a few times randomly, as well as the lights flickered. When Paul first entered the space, he tested all the electrical outlets and equipment for faulty wiring, and found none.

The team examined the antique furniture, and found a couple of pieces with intense energy. One of these pieces was a hutch found on the wall. This piece was promptly removed with permission from the owner. A set of brass vases also seemed intense from India. The owner will take time to cleanse the energy on these items.

The team then went to the basement to see if the trickster energy was present. Although there were many issues with stuck energy/thought forms, there was no trickster. Sharon found some children playing with their tricycles in the basement area, and was able to assist. Paul helped Michelle with a huge amount of thought forms in the back of a storage area that was not open to the public.

The team returned to the apartment, and after taking the time to do a final clearing of the general energy, found Michelle attempting to move the trickster on. Paul felt “Mercury” energy from the trickster, and suggested using imagination as a tool to catch him by wrapping aluminum around him. Once Michelle did this, the energy dissipated, and went back to his low level home base. A couple of seconds later, the TV that had randomly turned on again, turned off.

Tips were given to the owner on how to follow up if the space was not taken care of. The team will also follow up with her in a few days. A job well done by our team!! 

Back to me, I’ll be sending some techniques and meditations via email to help the client develop her energetic skills, so that she can take her Lightworker skills to the next level.

I like Tricksters, they are not enemies, they help us get out of ruts, push us to expand when we are stuck, make us think. They too serve a purpose, or many purposes. And yes, being on the receiving end of one of them can be annoying LOL. So there will be an in-service for the ghost-workers on Tricksters and another item added to the class topics.

My job, again, was to work with the team to develop their skills, only stepping in when the team got stuck or were not seeing opportunities. It was a little bit like herding cats at times, such enthusiasm and boldness!