Two difficult ghosts in Meriden

A client met me at Klekolo for coffee ( and cake, and some energetic issues, I’d already taught her some shielding methods, so I gave her the latest one, which I figured out from watching some History Channel’s Skinwalker Ranch episodes ( Next some checking for attachments and connections, finding one going to her head, so I removed that. I noticed that there were lines of stressed aura not mainlining at the rear chakras, figuring these would be open pathways for entities, able to enter with the client unable to sense their entry. That took a while, having to read each aura, helping to reduce the disturbances and relate to the client for her to work on the issues. A lot of work, and I needed a break, so we relocated to my car, but she wanted more ‘medium’ type work on some connections, I use the center of a palm to connect because my Medium skills work via touch, but I found two creepy guy connections feeding on her (which I broke) before finding the one she wanted, a shy guy, he’d adored her, so now in ‘Medium’ mode exchanged messages, he’s up there but still working on his feelings of inadequacy, but now boosted by the love he was getting from her.

I needed a break, I’d offered to drive her home, which worked out well, as she felt comfortable telling me about her childhood. A really challenging one which explained a lot, and I complemented her on being a survivor and doing lots of caring and supportive work with little to no recognition by dysfunctional parents.

She’d told me about feeling attacked at home, and while sitting in the car outside I called on Heaven’s light and used my Third Eye to see the darkness within.

First up at the front left corner of the house, I energetically approached the darkness and was immediately attacked. Backing up, now I put shields up, boosted and returned. The attacks were unfocused, and I didn’t get any conversation, so this was a (highly) animated energy, feeding off instability, liking a constant threatening atmosphere. I englobed it and took it up, it rushed off to join more of its kind and I left quickly before it came after me.

At the rear left corner a female ghost who wouldn’t interact with me She was aloof, distaining any contact with a lesser person. While I tried to overlap my energies she continued to block me and refused to interact. I gave up, this would take too long. At the middle right of the house another female ghost, this one was all out verbally demeaning and insulting, again thinking me less and unworthy, deserving criticism, though maybe she treated everyone this way. Once more she was blocking interaction, refusing to listen or interact with me, again this would take too long.

I let the client know I’d tackle them later tonight and said goodbye, she’d survived with these ghosts so far, a few more hours she could manage.

Much later, almost midnight, I did some remote work, tackling the ‘avoidance’ ghost first. She wouldn’t budge, but I pushed harder and was able to overlap better. The ‘outside’ didn’t fully match the ‘inside’, and I, finger’s crossed, still didn’t have a good idea of how to work with her. But my body did! I started to notice urges, physical needs, for company, and it was getting to her too, she had needs which she’d been avoiding too. I persisted and her needs grew, until she was willing to talk, and up I took her, to satisfy those needs she’d need a body, which meant ascending to Heaven and returning later in a body. I left her to it.

Still feeling needy, I now connected with the verbal ghost, and she too responded, having needs, and she was trying to satisfy them on me! I wasn’t going to do that, does that make me a tease? Or needing to have more of a connection to a stranger? She was very willing to move on up, still trying, and I (fled) left her to the TLC care of Higher Spirits, wishing them good luck.

I got the message that I’d done ok, and they were a little amused and easily capable of dealing with her.

Now how am I going to teach this to the ghostworker trainees?