Beckley Cemetery on Deming Road in Berlin.

A while back Crystal had driven past this cemetery and sensed there was something needing attention, but nowhere to park. Today we decided to do something about it.

We parked just up the road at a farm store, the food looked excellent, will have to go back another day, and walked to the cemetery, the only entrance gate accessed from the road.

For some reason my gut was telling me not to jump in and do ghost work, so I wandered the lot, leaving the north west corner to last. I did do a general healing on the site, physical trauma always the most useful, but there was one ghost that really benefitted from healing lungs, I breathed easier too.

Outside the north west corner Priscilla had found Native American families, ghosts but all happily playing, Michelle found Fae. I checked in with the Fae, I still hadn’t done the required familiarization, the message was the same as at Bridgewater Triangle recently, do the work and we’ll talk. I did find a hole in a tree in their area, so I’ll do a Shamanic visit to Lower Earth through that hole and see where it takes me.

One headstone got my attention, it was broken, split front and back, below I felt a ghost vibrating. I slowed him down but he kept on restarting, so not some attachment, he was choosing this instead of being ‘stuck’, oscillating in something. We were able to talk, and I got a clear picture of a very manly Man, beard well taken care of, his view about being a guy was to keep moving, be active, and that he couldn’t die if he kept busy. I took him for a short walk and pushed him THROUGH a tree to prove he was dead. Subtle I am not. He got it. And continued to keep busy by heading up to Heaven on his own.

The next ghost I found was avoiding all the noisy activity above, apparently I’d shut myself off from it, some sort of extroverted party on the surface, with lots of kids playing. I commiserated with him and got him to take a peek, it was quieter, he was ok with moving on up.

Michelle meanwhile had cleared out a lot of ghosts by using Michael’s technique. Everyone was saying how happy this area. Except for one grumpy male ghost. Which they left for me. He wasn’t talking with the women. Some macho posturing, to see who could piss off the other more, he smelled real bad, maybe he was English, or a Viking? The rule there is take a bath once a year, whether you need it or not. All sorts of issues, hadn’t had luck with the ladies, his teeth had all fallen out, he didn’t like all the happy playing on the surface. I convinced him to move on up but he wouldn’t hold hands with another guy, so I ‘manned up’ and held him, (holding my nose, or not breathing through it) and took him up, thankfully he was met up there and moved on.

Time for a break, or a treat. Coffee! Other than a Starbucks, the nearest place was … Klekolo. Yay. Good conversation, coffee and cake, and three beautiful women, does it get any better?