Goodwill and serial killer bodies buried behind

Something a little different, we headed out to do some healing work behind the Goodwill store near the Westfarms mall, West Hartford CT. Waiting for us was Crystal, armed with her camera to record for her show ‘Barefoot Paranormal’, adding Priscilla, Michelle and myself. It is behind here that a serial killer left his 7 or 8 victims. The killer’s name was William Devlin Howard. He was caught in 2003

The women soon sensed the presence of another woman, then a second, beyond the north east corner of the parking lot behind the store. They suspected there were two more bodies not yet found, one a young black girl, the other a white girl. The team also reported these ghost women were hesitant to interact when there was a guy present, me. So I backed off for a while, totally understandable.

I returned before Priscilla ‘moved on’ the black girl, so I got a feel for how resilient she was. Now sensing the white girl, who rushed at me, seeking safety in the ‘arms’ of a guy when another guy (the serial killer) threatened. She was reliving her last moments of life. She plowed straight inside me, ignoring any barriers. Like I need another ghost inside me right now that I didn’t choose. I took her to safety, i.e. up to Heaven, and there a whole bunch of her girlfriends were waiting to help her, and out she moved. Michelle had been interacting with her, but she impulsively went to me (who’s the man LOL?)

Priscilla and Michelle moved further down the parking lot, found something, asked me to sense what was there, without telling me. I sensed something different. No surprise, they can sense Earth energy issues better than I can. I felt a group of ghost women huddled together for safety. I had them hold hands with me and we ascended and I handed them off to Guides up there.

The land needed healing I was told, so they got started on that. I’d learned a new technique from a qigong acupuncturist to gather Earth energy (and to use it within, which I was most definitely NOT going to bring inside me) which I did and took it down deep into the Earth where it could be processed. Every little bit helps, Priscilla healed the land with rain from Heaven, Michelle with healing energies from deep within the Earth.