Michelle’s book!

Michelle and Priscilla rendezvoused at my place, so that Michelle could give me a copy of her new book “So You’ve Had A Spiritual Awakening, Now What?” signed, too. Fabulous. And I’m mentioned in the book! Total biased here, you have to read it. Ghost work continues with the next post.

So You’ve Had a Spiritual Awakening…Now What?: The Layman’s Guide to Opening Up Your Psychic Gifts

What do you do when your first glimmers of a spiritual awakening have occurred, but you don’t yet know how to fully tap into your true self, potential, and power? Enter this little book with big guidance to share. You will find personal stories of transformation, concrete examples of how to tap into your own spiritual power, and simple yet profound exercises to begin a spiritual practice that will heal and transform. Become enlightened to concepts such

You know there is more to this world than the physical being. And you know you’re ready to transcend to the next step. Allow author Michelle Pellin to lead the way.

As a spiritual therapist, Michelle is a certified trauma informed therapist in the traditional sense, and also a Reiki master, ghost worker, psychic medium and a student of the magical arts. Seamlessly blending traditional education and knowledge with her ability to tap into higher powers and spirit, she has crafted a guide to help you ascend to your own higher self. You’ve had an awakening, now it’s time to take the next steps. Spirit is calling. How will you answer?

85 pages, Kindle Edition

Published August 17, 2023