Ghosts and an alien plant

Thanks to Tala who referred this client to me, the client called up after the initial consultation, in distress, so I did a little remote work to buy us some time while we were out-of-state at The Bridgewater Triangle. The team  Priscilla, Michelle, Roslyn (on her first home visit ghost work)  and myself met with the client, a spiritually aware person who was unable to remove negative influences within and around her at her home. Outside the home was easier, some of those influences were limited to the home. While getting her stories, Priscilla tuned in to a female ghost (the mother) and Michelle to a male ghost, nailing the descriptions, and started working on both.

The client reported something brown and moving, so I tackled that, some animated energy which I englobed then invited Roslyn to practice her feeling skills. I took it up and released it to more of its kind, Priscilla commenting the joy released as the smaller form joined the larger. I then worked on clearing the stuck energy nearby.

Priscilla and Michelle had found something strange in one corner of the room and asked me to check it out. Never felt anything like it before. A plant, “like Jack’s beanstalk”,  but more ivy-like. I wanted to pull it out by the roots, I think it was Priscilla who heard the suggestion to use gold, which we did, the plant responding by pulling away wherever there was gold. Eventually it shrunk to a manageable height and I bagged it, but where to take it? Not animated energy, I figured a plant version of animated energy still wouldn’t ‘walk’ but could extend tendrils, but it wasn’t that. We talked, settling on an alien life form, so a quick in-service on how to return a life form to its home planet, then I went searching for a portal, found it nearby outside, checked for anything else that had come through – a big seed which had not (could not?) sprout here, took both plants home then closed the portal, a planet with only flora, no fauna.

We had Roslyn check the client for attachments, she immediately found connections, but had her first remove the attachment and seal the hole, then work on aura stiffness at the Crown chakra then Sacral chakra, getting immediate results removing long term discord much to the client’s delight. I guided all three to ‘seeing’ connections radiating from the client’s head and identifying toxic ones, again with immediate results. I was asked to deal with a toxic ex-boyfriend, unpleasant experience, eventually taking him up near Heaven to have a deeper conversation. His Higher Self intervened wanting him so I left them to merge.

I taught the client how to protect herself after Priscilla introduced the concepts, she could feel her barriers forming and was a quick learner.

Some conversation and thanks and we were done, the client very happy.

Here’s Michelle’s notes:

Tonight was a private home job in Middletown (thank you Tala Durso!). A very nice lady who just lost her mom needed assistance with energy that was in the home that was draining her emotionally.

Upon arrival, Priscilla immediately picked up on mom, and did a great job conveying a beautiful message of love from mom to the client. Paul Rice picked up on an animated energy, living energy created and growing from our emotions, and Priscilla and him were able to move it on into the ground.

Michelle immediately picked up on the mom’s partner. Michelle was able to describe his personality to the client, and feel his anger and impatience. Michelle felt into their relationship, which was completely volatile, which created the animated energy in the home. His piano was still in the home and he was completely attached to it. Priscilla and Michelle felt that these two spirits were hanging around because they were trying to protect our client and had unfinished business, but also because they didn’t realize they could go back and forth to the light freely. Once that was understood, Michelle was able to guide them to the light. Priscilla and Michelle then felt a vine like (think grapevine) animated energy in another location in the home. It took some effort for Paul, Priscilla and Michelle to suffocate and uproot it. A first for all of us to work with an energy that presented like that in a home.

Roslyn sat with the client and used her intuitive pet skills to help the client take care of her elderly horse’s needs. She also did a great job cutting cords out of the client’s aura. The client even reported feeling a twinge, then a “shwoosh” in her sacral area. Priscilla and Michelle took care of energy cords from her mind, put there by childhood traumas, while Paul used an energy technique to help with a cord from a previous partner who was abusive.

Paul and Priscilla passed on their knowledge of how to use protection and cleanse your aura daily, and Priscilla completed the job by going around the home with a clearing wand. As we left, the home felt amazing, and we gained a happy client. SHONE-Spirit Healers of New England has done it again 🙂

I went back a month later for stuff we had missed. All upstairs. In the office area, where the client’s mother had spent most of her time, a brown fuzziness in one corner. It was something between stuck and animated, in that it rarely moved, just to feed at night. There was an unchanging quality to it as well. I took it up and released it to more of its kind, the whole area just stuck / unchanging. There was more energy behind it, of past, future and present natures, all connecting with the mother’s contributing issues, with no expectation of getting better, and always in poor health. Returning to the area, something wasn’t right, it took a while to realize that area was clear while we stood in stuck energy of the rest of the room. Transformed that. In the mother’s bedroom (died a few years back) overbearing and controlling stuck energies, she didn’t like change, or anything she didn’t control. Cleared that out. Cleared the bed and the client exclaimed the moment all the energies were gone, a nice confirmation. The client’s old bedroom was able to identify a disconnection emotional energy so removed that. Afterwards we talked, I described the Merging Aspects technique might be of interest to the client.