Assonet Burial Grounds, Mass.

Driving into this burial ground, a storage chamber drew my attention, where I found one ghost suffering, BUT this ghost didn’t want healing, instead she wanted me to listen to her (whining). Another ghost inside was sick and tired of listening, so I took that one up first, but the whiny ghost followed us. I handed off the one ghost and asked the higher spirit present if he would listen to the ghost, which he was nice enough to do. I left, job done.

We all split up, I did my usual, Michael’s technique then color healing then Michael’s technique again, then lit up the place with Heaven’s light to find those who were suffering.

I found a troubled family, so I held the family headstone as a way to connect with them all, I asked the family to join hands in a circle with me and used Marian’s technique to lower the veil and see God’s healing energies all around us, and asked them to allow in this healing. I then ascended with them, we reached the top of the clouds and saw an Angel flying by, one Guide came to meet us and asked them to form a new ring holding hands with him and he took over, telling them what they needed to know and I returned to Earth.

Another family, of three, filled with dread, something to do with what would happen to them after they died. I opened them up to feeling God’s love, and took them up. No-one was there to meet us! Which was perfect, because it was important for them to overcome whatever dread they had. The place looked very nice of course, nothing threatening, and one by one they entered Heaven and started to explore. Back to Earth for me.

Two families buried nearby, Marian’s technique to get us into Heaven, Guides arrived to help them transition into Heaven.

I was seeing a pattern. The next family was consumed by depression and hid deep below ground. I sent purple light down to them, and this helped them reduce their depression, eventually all of them joined me at the surface. I let them know things had changed and I took them up to see Heaven, then approached it, until they were able to step off into Heaven. Congrats guys, you made it.

We regrouped, and headed out to our last stop, the Freetown State Forest.

Here’s Michelle’s notes: This cemetery was much more peaceful that the last. Many ghosts need moving on, but we were able to provide them with much more individual attention. Many younger spirits once again attracted to my light were given a healing, as well as a couple of adults. Priscilla found a veteran who came to a rough ending.