East Bridgewater, Mass.

No specific place selected so we headed to the center of town and wandered. One building contained a business and we felt something was amiss inside. I felt a dark stuck energy filling the place which blocked me sensing any ghosts within. Priscilla and Michelle got straight to it, finding a female ghost awaiting her boyfriend. “Ahhh validation” I commented to Marian who is still seeking that confidence from being right many times when what I sense differs from the team, making a look of dismay. We sense differently, which I love, all of us could be right, the female team members more sensitive to female ghosts having strong emotional pains, which I as a guy might close down to as it overwhelms. I cleared the stuck energy and left it at that, I’ll leave it to Michelle’s notes to say more on the work they did.

Nearby was the Library, Inside one stuck male ghost tightly restricted by his religious upbringing, he wouldn’t talk, so he was handed off to me. Michelle had also felt a ‘trickster’ entity who also wasn’t cooperating. The first ghost wouldn’t talk to me either. I overlapped my energy field and together a chink in his armor, a memory of early childhood when he was told off for misbehaving for what was a normal childhood behavior, the parents were so strict, NO misbehavior was allowed, it was a sin. He grew up in this pressure, eventually locked in, no friends, no joy, still trying to be perfect, avoiding interaction with anyone who was less. I took him up to view Heaven and he mellowed, did talk with the resident there who came to join us. I left the ghost in good hands. Now to the ‘trickster’. He had been doing his best to free the first ghost from his locked in state, doing good, but from the outside it had appeared naughty and troubling. With nothing to do now, after talking, he left, looking for someone else that needed his help.

Here’s Michelle’s notes: Some cute photos around town are how we began our walk around this area. Both Priscilla and I at the same time (love validation!) felt a young woman waiting for her betrothed on the top floor. I was able to call in her partner, and the two were happy. I also felt activity at the library. Every time I attempted to tap into who it was, I was immediately confused and was diverted in my thoughts. I haven’t encountered this lately, but it was what is known as a trickster’s energy. This type of energy is not human, however it seems that it was protecting a human spirit also hanging at the library that Priscilla found. Once the man was moved on, Paul asked the trickster to move forward, which is did, as it had no purpose any longer. The other interesting thing about this area is that behind the library, there is a very heavy dark energy. At one point, a large maple leaf started to wave wildly in my direction, then stopped as friends approached. None of us felt like it was in need of moving on, as it was in an area that was desolate.