Village Cemetery Rehoboth

We all split up on entering, which surprised me, Marian being the newest, she went to tackle what was out there on her own.

I did my usual, moving those standing up to Heaven with Michael’s technique, then color healing and repeating Michael’s technique, then went in search of Marian to coach her. She does Michael’s technique silently, and was surprised to find ghosts were still here. A quick reminder on healing with colors and I left her to it.

I was using Heaven’s light to find the darker places, which lead me to one headstone, I felt a vibrating energy. In the process of slowing it down so I could talk with the ghost, I was surprised when the energy split into two, one female ghost plus something else, still vibrating. I asked for help and a Guide came down to take the girl up, she was glad to go, whatever this thing was it had been stopping her. It would not stop moving and wouldn’t talk with me, so I treated it as animated energy and found its place up there and it eagerly joined more of its kind.

Marian was nearby, she was struggling with Third Eye stuff, we chatted, I hope it made a difference, and then we separated again. The next darker area contained another ghost, hiding deep, he would only cooperate if an Angel showed up, so I asked for help, and an Angel responded, telling me to move away so he could work directly with this ghost and the two of them left. A nearby headstone felt like there was erupting mud, as if a ghost was reliving a death by drowning in mud. I held onto the ghost and asked him to stop struggling, which he did, and now that everything calmed down a Guide arrived to help move the ghost on. I got the message that there was a lot to do here and to expect Guides to assist in speeding up all the work needed.

Priscilla told me about a new method she was trying, asking for golden hands to come down from heaven to lift up the spirits to take them to heaven.

Here’s Michelle’s notes: This next stop was crazy haunted. Multitudes of spirits as soon as we arrived, wanting healing and guidance. My guides told me to “Keep going” repeatedly when I tried to stop at the edge of the property. I didn’t know what they meant, until I saw a hidden part of the cemetery on the far left, away from the main one. A large mausoleum was filled with many in need of healing, as well as two younger spirits. I returned back to the main area, and found several that accepted individual help, however it all felt too much. I began using Michael’s technique, which calls down the spirits guides to assist, and did this a total of three times with large groups. Upon checking in with the group, I found that they also were struggling with the large amounts. Paul says “Ask them if there is a portal they are going back and forth in”. I heard the answer to be a resounding yes! A lesson learned here-if you don’t feel like you’re making enough progress, some of the spirits could be trying to have a little fun with you! This would certainly explain why this cemetery is reported to be so active. I took comfort in knowing that most were sincere in their need of assistance from us.