Anawan Rock

Our first stop in the Bridgewater Triangle was Anawan Rock. These notes taken from Wikipedia:

Anawan Rock is a colonial historic site in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. It is a large dome of conglomerate rock (puddingstone) located off Winthrop Street (U.S. Route 44) in a wooded site reached by a short footpath. The site was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.


On August 28, 1676, Captain Benjamin Church and his group of colonial soldiers captured Anawan, the war chief of the Pocasset People. He was an old man at the time, and a chief captain of Metacomet, who had been captured and killed by the colonists two weeks earlier. The capture of Anawan marked the final event in King Philip’s War. Although Church promised to spare Anawan’s life upon his capture, he was ultimately executed by colonial officials. Anawan Rock is one of the few physical sites from the war still intact.

We were expecting a lot of Native American ghosts, all angry. Instead we found a peaceful atmosphere and one of the leading Native Americans telling us to be at peace and not be focused on moving ghosts on. They were healing us! I felt this leader called Rehoboth his home. I used Marian’s technique to remove the veils between us, the ghosts, and in this case The Happy Hunting Grounds. The Native Americans were tempted to move on but chose to continue doing their work here. The rock felt alive, like a tree’s energy, while at the edge of the rock, where the Native American’s campsite was, there was anger and rage but this was coming from the white man.

Michelle asked us to heal the land, so the four of us faced away from each other and aimed our energies outward. Not being a particularly practiced worker of Earth energies, I tried pulling nearby Earth energies to dilute, then from below, but dilution isn’t healing. Somehow I was able to make this area into an energy center with the forces powering upwards and I felt the Native American ghosts enjoying the work we were doing.

Here’s Michelle’s notes: The beginning of our ghost weekend in the Bridgewater Triangle started with meeting here. It’s a place rich with history, but not a positive one (read the sign). I was expecting to find a feeling of tragedy. Instead, Paul, Priscilla and I simultaneously tapped into a native male spirit with status, who was completely grateful of our arrival. We were directed to Anawan Rock, a beautiful massive sedimentary stone, that had massive energy coming out of it. It completely drew you into it, and washed over you. Priscilla picked up on a man who had passed away on a nearby rock. She also was provided with a gift from the native man-a wild turkey feather. We all decided to do a group healing of the land that had been ravaged by war, and I directed everyone to an elemental direction. It felt very powerful, all four of us sending healing energy at one time. Priscilla used her new gift to do this and felt the feather vibrating in her hand. A very magical place indeed. After leaving this particular area, I felt the heaviness of the triangle until we left it the next day.

Here’s Priscilla’s notes: Something phenomenal happened today. Part of our healing trip took us to Anawan Rock in Roheboth MA. We all walked the short path and stood on top. All of us agreed on the feeling of peace and serenity this wondrous sacred place gave us. As I sat on top of Anawan Rock and connected with spirit, I could feel the humbling of 3 white colonizers. I also connected to the spirit of an Indigenous man. The colonizers felt shame and remorse. They were on their knees begging for forgiveness from the Indigenous leader. I believe there was a great healing. When I turned to get up and work on a different area, I found a gift. A wild turkey feather. I held this with reverence. With the beautiful guidance of this Indigenous Healer we worked together to bring an added blessing of peace to this incredibly calming place. ….. I will continue to use this very special feather in my future work. Blessed Be.