Bridgewater Triangle Mass. Intro

We, Priscilla, Michelle, Marian and myself camped at Massasoit State Park, inside the Bridgewater Triangle over the recent weekend, to do ghost work. We’d picked out 8 places to do work:

Anawan Rock on Winthrop St. Rehoboth *

Village Cemetery Rehoboth 190 Bay State Road, Rehoboth *

Shad Pond ruins Rehoboth 65 Reed Street Rehoboth

Skim Milk Bridge near the junction of Elm and Scotland Streets in West Bridgewater

East Bridgewater – no particular address so we went to the center of town *

Dighton Rock, Berkley on 3rd Ave. Berkley

Assonet Burial Grounds on South Main St. Freetown *

Freetown State Park 10 Slab Bridge Road Assonet

An oops at Shad Pond, we found that but didn’t look for ruins, no ghosts. The mosquitos won at Skim Milk Bridge, no anomalies found, it had been mentioned on Beyond Skinwalker Ranch on the History Channel. We didn’t stay long. Dighton Rock, neat place, no ghosts, very peaceful, the State Ranger was very helpful, reporting that the Native Americans had carved into the rock and it had been independently verified by another Native American tribe. The other possibilities had all been written by white men with their own agendas.

Yes we found ghosts.

The campsite was delightful, and quiet.

Freetown State Park was quiet, we had done good work last time, and while there’s still a lot more territory to work, it was important for us to go back and face what we’d found the first time. Priscilla had a terrible experience, I found Fae. Nothing terrible happened for Priscilla, Fae were there but I hadn’t fully prepared to meet them, so they just reminded to take things lightly, and do the prep work. No ghosts in the area we’d previously worked.