A recent event I took a ghost ‘up there’ and was surprised there was no-one to meet us. They are always eloquent in their simplicity, using the fewest words to get their precise meaning across. I had screwed up in some way. This ghost would not be accepted.

As it happened, I got distracted and returned down here to deal with something, leaving the ghost up there alone, except you’re never really alone, maybe supervised, from a distance. When I returned, the ghost let me know they had contacted him and would accept him into a special area, for those who needed to work through issues relating to their life or death, before free to roam. He had agreed, and guided, I took him to the reserved placed and was immediately told to leave.

Thinking further on this, I realized I had not specifically asked the ghost if he wanted to move on, I had just decided to go on a trip ‘up there’ and take him with me.

Aha! No-one gets in without choosing to go.

In my earlier days doing this work, I had forced ghosts up there, even earlier, they had been able to slip out of my net on the way up, but once there not all had stayed. The guides had been passive, from my viewpoint, allowing them to escape. Frustrating, until I realized they were the experts, not me. any ‘fault’ was mine. I needed to learn, and I did. This latest event, I found I had more to learn. Not to worry, we’re in good hands, they are guides and continue to guide us.