Recent suicide, he’s still here

A fellow energy worker, Tala Durso, asked me to investigate at one of her friend’s home, the husband had committed suicide in a manner very personal. I don’t give details on these entries to identify the living, so much of the particulars have to be left to your mind.

An hour’s drive away, Tala briefed me as much as she knew, then I met the widow, and was impressed. Reading her palm at the tea break, it confirmed her strengths.

Scene of the crime, the garage, his job by what I saw had been a painter. He’d shot himself. You don’t need the features which made this extra cruel. His earth-bound spirit was still there, responding to me when I started touching his tools. We talked and I started to build my impression of him. When he started whining, I’d had enough, told him so and he tried to back away. Not happening. I took him ‘up there’ and for the first time, there was no-one up there to meet him, to take him further. Message received, they weren’t accepting. Not like them at all.

At this point Tala interjected, something about missing money. Taking this as a sign, I checked with the ghost and got a picture of a place and a box, he said he’d stay there, I went back to go look. Not in the garage, I’d try the house next, but back to the ghost. He said they had a place for him, restricted, as he had committed suicide, and he’d agreed to stay. We headed further and I left him where I’d been guided, and was told to leave.

I told the widow the description of the box and place, nothing matched at the house. The first room had his stuck energy, somewhat resentful, and slow to process until a big chunk came through in the form of a box. I didn’t open it, sent it down into the Earth. This continued in each room, accompanied with more of his psychological make-up. There was most stuck energy in a room which highlighted the widow’s accomplishments, at that point I opened up my talent and took all the boxes, unprocessed, down the chute to Earth.

Time for tea and to bring the widow up to date. I felt awkward trying to tell her about the husband, how he’d put every problem in a box and sealed it, ignored it. He’d painted over everything that wasn’t ‘nice’ in him, burying that too. He had an attitude that a wife was a thing to be owned, that she should be less than him. She nodded. Very nice tea, some palm-reading. Our client had a strong Career line with most of its roots in her original interests, something most people would envy, a very long head-line, smart. Excellent health-lines. A life line that branched out to increase Love and Awareness, a Sun / Soul spot with early connections that would lead to being outspoken on Spiritual matters, there’s more good stuff, but back to work.

The bed next, went to his side automatically, more attitude, more emotional boxes, until I reached ‘him’, a little boy that hadn’t grown up. Not the one currently ‘up there’, just an image, so passed this too to ground. Basement clear, other buildings on the property only traces of him and his toys, cleared away.

Job done, checked with the widow, nothing else needed, we said our goodbyes. On the way home Tala told me in conversation with her friend, that “I’d nailed it, his personality”.