Possibly a Demon, more malevolent or alien, I’m told

Head out to Sterling, CT, my contact Missy L. has experience with ghosts and says this one is more malevolent or alien, possibly a Demon, and has not responded to smudging and other herbal remedies which is her speciality, so she called me in. Priscilla L. said to count her in, the two of us headed out, to discuss what to do on the way. I call upon our Guides, Higher Powers and Angels to help and protect us, shield’s up and in we go.

We meet the client and her family, and are wowed with her capabilities / talents, so amazed that I wonder what difference we can make. I’ve tackled Demons before, not often, so I’m not an expert, but I won’t say no to helping people out. There was lots to do, we spent 4 hours there, so excuse me if I’m a little brief on all the details.

Removing stuck energy from the first room, I find the client has protected the entire property, energetically, Priscilla felt this and automatically headed to the street to dump out un-transformed energy, I dumped it immediately outside then had to gather it up and take it to the street, helped by the protection which contained it, keeping it close to me. I realized the protection was acting as an immune system, so after discussion with the client of the benefits and risks, the three of boosted the energy available to the protection / immune system to locate the hidden sources within the property.

I was guided outside, behind the house to a circular area, like a cyst if it was within the body, inside I felt a blackness, which I gather to me and redirected to the Goddess deep within the Earth, and it went smoothly, without struggle.

Much later, actually towards the end of the work, I noticed how easily it had gone, that I was not tired, although Priscilla was. I was carrying the minerals Danburite and Merlinite, my go-to’s for intense work, for better connection above and for dealing with Shadow demons. Priscilla just had Danburite.

We were told that aerial photos show this property as lighter colored surrounded by a sea of dark greens and blacks, and our client told us the outside was encroaching. There were more cysts on the grounds, shielded from the ‘immune / protection’ system, but by stepping onto adjacent property, the cysts were open and vulnerable, and so drained and transformed.

The client was possessed at one point, but seemed to be unharmed, she pointed to where I needed to go, and Priscilla took her hand to bolster the person inside. The client appeared none-the-worse and I cleared out more ground and the surroundings.

I got the impression that the Indians who’d lived in this area were unhappy with the white-man who  didn’t fight honorably, those still present and buried were gathered in a shamanic technique to collect them in an energy net, I headed up to The Happy Hunting Grounds, and was met on the way by some Indian warriors who carried them the rest of the way.

Back inside for tea, home-made recipe, delicious, and cookies to re-energize and recover, discussion as to healing work, something the client has been guided so well to do, then back to work.

We were looking for a portal, suspecting there had to be one for the demon to bypass the protection. One area above a bedroom was not accessible, completely sealed, I tried to extend my energy field into that space but couldn’t pick up anything, the couple talked about making it accessible by doing some reconstruction within the house.

Checked the daughter’s bedroom, a shielded area within had been created by Mom at the daughter’s request, it needed a connection to ‘up there’ to keep it aired out, having the somewhat feel of a ‘security blanket’ that needed a wash.

One ghost, a young boy, on a bunk bed moved on, his grandmother accompanying him on the way up.

One room had some ‘hiding’ energy within it, and having been recently influenced by similar and not realizing, I was more cautious and spent more time accumulating, transforming and taking out to the street. By now Priscilla was exhausted, she’d done lots of work, moved one ghost on who wanted to know why all these people were here, and had backed me up, supported me energetically while I extended my energy field to reach the area out back, 8 acres, plus the surrounding properties, and shielded the client and Missy, our contact person from attacks by anything losing its ‘food’ supply by my activities.

The was a faint ley-line on the property, nice to feel, always been harmless, but does help entities move about, but as this crossed the property and didn’t go inside the house, no worries.

It all went easier than I expected, thanks to help from above, Priscilla, Missy and the client and her husband.

The client had been able to push the entities away before, but they kept on returning, maybe taking 6 months to do so. Finger’s crossed they were gone, we’ll find out.

It took a while, life happened, medical issues etc. but Missi let me know the work we’d done was good. She thought a return trip to clear the surrounding areas was a good idea.