“I have no energy …”

A friend called, it had been quite a while since we’d talked, and she wanted me to come down and do my ‘work’ at her place, adding she “had no energy”. This was distressing to me as she had always been abundant in her energy, something was very wrong, I called in the team and Priscilla answered and we visited that weekend. My friend was in tears and energetically was not there, energy zero.

She told us the back story, what stood out from an energy / ghost perspective was that she felt fine when she slept upstairs in the guest bedroom. This told me a lot, the ghost / energy was localized to the master bedroom. That this ghost could remove all my friend’s energy meant ‘shields up’.

Immediately entering the bedroom both of us felt the ‘disturbance’, both as a presence and internally feeling awful but in different sensations. My friend told me that the wife of her current significant other had died in this room, in a hospital-type bed, and she pointed out where it had been placed. I felt a presence standing at the bottom of where that bed had been, plus the sensation of her body on the bed.

I entered the space of the standing ghost and slowly lowered my barriers until feeling tightness at heart and lungs, chest. Priscilla felt a nausea. I also felt consumed by the ghost’s rage, Priscilla felt her anger too. Then came the process of transforming the rage, internalizing and releasing. Progress was very slow, the ghost held onto her rage, feeling justified in being enraged, yet not seeing it as rage, it had become her background state of being. I invited Priscilla to experience it.

Returning and not making any headway, I decided to occupy the ghost’s body, on the bed, where a sofa had been placed. Tag-teaming, Priscilla took on the ghost. I now experienced a cooler reception, more physical connections and we worked, still the progress was slow, but there was progress. Slowly, step-by-step, talking to the ghost, sometimes getting the ghost to think about what had occurred in her life, an easing occurred. We received help from above, I felt the presence of a greater love and that of Acceptance helping to support the ghost in this process, Priscilla reported feeling higher spirits here. The ghost maintained that she was right, was justified, getting beyond that to seeing Denial took ages.

I invited Priscilla to experience the ghost body, it wasn’t the greatest sensation and after a little while I retook the body and Priscilla the ghost, but after some wonderfully appropriate questions to the ghost by Priscilla, the ghost let her know she wasn’t talking to Priscilla any more. Truth hurts, well done Priscilla. So Priscilla took on the role of energetically supporting the process, helping to enable transformation, making my job easier. Each time we’d released some sticking point Priscilla would comment on how energetically better the room felt.

I felt it a good time to take a break. I had Priscilla check the client’s energy field, and then I led my friend through a process to create energy protective shields for herself, partially so that the ghost could not pull on any energy from my friend, draining her and making it more difficult for me. Then we stopped and had tea.

Working through Denial took a long time, but this involved memories of interactions with the people in her life, un-tethering these connections, then to seeing herself as the cause came next, each step taking time. Finally we reached a state of “what’s next?”.

I invited the ghost to take a trip, back in time, to the point where she chose this life. One sticking point en route was a memory of a wonderful time with her daughter as a tiny child, pausing, I had to push her beyond, and we reached that time of choosing this life, this experience and the ghost saw herself for the first time, seeing the stiff body and rage, and retreated, horrified. Back to an even earlier time, in discussing what lessons to learn in her next life (this one), she was told and knew that she’d probably ‘fail’. But failing wasn’t the issue, her life would ‘not work’ mostly because she’d be so consumed by the feelings, the rage, that she couldn’t get free, only after her death and free could she review her life and then learn.

That was the ‘Aha’ moment. She knew, really knew now, and wanted to leave, leave this world, this experience, she apologized to my friend, said it was never about her, sorry. She was impatient, there was nothing here for her. Two guides arrived … and she was gone, and we three all felt better.

There was a mundane time constraint, so we scheduled another session to do the rest of the house and the bed itself, where my friend’s significant other had probably dumped a lot of the ghost induced emotions.

Meanwhile my friend’s energies had returned, she’s that powerful.

Returning a week later, to finish the job, the ‘man of the house’s bed first, inside some animated energy like a snake swirling around, first drain the ‘swamp’ and the snake retreated, found layers under layers, much to do with hiding and being perfectly limited and correct, at the last layer the snake nudged me, and made me laugh! I’ve been attacked by animated energy, this was the first to nudge me like a dog saying ‘I’m here, notice me and pet me’. It’s main attack is to induce hiding, not happening, I grabbed and bagged it, took it up, accompanied by a higher spirit, so there was more involved, thanks for the backup.

A chair in a closet where he hides, more energy to clean out, again the perfect role expected, the complete shut down of human messiness. His office, more squeaky clean totally appropriate behavior and nothing human, all role, the person quashed. A picture of his father, more of the same, expecting it of the son. Overall draining by the spouse, he could do nothing to remove her rage and so he shut down, tried to be the perfect person so she’d not rage at him.

Talking with the client afterwards, the next step is up to him, nothing external (ghost, animated energy or stuck energy) left, only his inner issues. Did suggest two meditations, Expanding to Fill (the Universe, if you can get that big), and 10 Reasons Why, which the client liked and will do with the man.

The client? Her energy is returning.