Connecticut Fall on the Shoreline 2019, magazine

Deep River Library Director Susan Rooney passed my name on to journalist Jen Matteis who interviewed me by phone, as the print date for the Connecticut Fall on the Shoreline 2019 magazine was two days away. She wrote an article ‘Meet your local Shoreline Ghosts’ talking about ghosts in the area and mentioning the work done by two Mediums, Chrystyne McGrath and myself. Chrystyne provided excellent photos and most of the historical work, and I talked about work done at Deep River Library, some of it done with GHPS (Greater Hartford Paranormal Society). Excellent article, really caught the feeling and atmosphere of ghosts and ghost work. One quote ( by me 🙂 ) was reproduced “They’re people, they’ve lost their body, they’re stuck here. Be kind, compassionate, listen to them and work through whatever issues are keeping them here and get them where they need to go.”