Priscilla flies solo!

I was busy so Priscilla stepped up to handle this one solo. We’d been there before so she knew the family and situation, there had been more activity. Priscilla had been the one to first notice activity around the tree when we’d been there the first time, but we hadn’t done anything about it.

Assessing the overall condition, she felt a dark entity at the shed, the kids had seen the cat’s food bowl slam across the floor and return, spilling food, there were phantom odors and growling. When the neighbors put up a swing on their tree that stirred up what was going on at their tree. At the tree was the ghost of a black man who had been hanged. Priscilla felt his experience, how he’d been caged, and once set free had been beaten severely and tied up, she felt his heart in her hands, so very fast, his fear, knowing what they intended to do to him, and how he wondered what he could have done to engender such hate in these people.

He wouldn’t move on, he didn’t trust her! She thought it might be because she’s a white woman and he didn’t trust white people. So she called for help, asking for guides to talk with him, and they came, and he listened, and they left together.

Nice work Priscilla.