Copper Beech Inn, Ivoryton

Something different for the S.H.O.N.E. group, Sunday brunch here with ghost work. We’d been told there was some heavy energies here, so we planned on keeping things secret. Today’s team was Priscilla, Michelle, Marian, Jay, Crystal and myself. The restaurant had a reputation for good food, so I expected that part to go well.

The hostess said there’d been a rush of customers, and asked if we’d mind waiting, we were a little early anyway. So we explored! When the hostess returned, one of us mentioned the rooms and the hostess graciously showed us inside one of them, which also happened to be one of the rooms noted for ghostly activity she reported! Oooooh! She was quite open about there being ghosts present.

Once seated, pretty quickly Michelle and Priscilla were at work sensing and interacting with ghosts. Crystal was listening to one. I was tuning in to the energies, finding a dark area, inside some churning activity. So far one sad lady ghost, one angry lady ghost, and an angelic energy outside.

I felt attacked on my left chest, but when I moved to face the other end of the table, the area of attack moved too, it wasn’t about left-side issues, this was just the direction from which the attack came. Working to reduce the attack, it wasn’t personalized, took a while, and our food arrived. I had two crab cakes in hollandaise sauce with home fries, I rearranged the fries into a smile, adjusted the two crab cakes and took a picture of a food smiley face, who says we can’t have fun working with the dead?

Michelle and Priscilla now seemed to be working on the same ghost issue, calling it ‘rerun energy’. I held their hand, one at a time and connected through them, yes to the same ghost. To me it felt like being at the bottom of a waterfall and trapped in the waters, stuck in a loop, unable to get out. For an energy worker, there’s always another way out! I time-lined, looping backwards until the start, which was when whoever entered the loop, but now going backwards, I had exited the loop before it started. I spent a little time working to reduce those energies to help Michell and Priscilla.

During a break, I told the group about the next addition to the ghost class lessons, I’d tried it out with Marian the day before, it’s about dimensional travel and how we can use it for ghost work. The meal was excellent, we skipped dessert and coffee (I planned on stopping at Klekolo afterwards).

Meal over, we’d been invited to tour the grounds. Back to the dark churning I felt. It was high up in the back of the building. I entered it. The entity was not attacking, was preoccupied with his internal issues. With any moving/rotating/ and now churning energies, job zero is to slow it down until it stops. At which point I felt a stab in my back to the left of my heart, a sign of letting oneself down, disappointing oneself. A little while later, still sharing energies, he came to a realization. He needed someone to talk to, and a Guide made himself available, and they headed upwards to talk. When I opened my eyes, I was alone, no clue where the rest of the team had gone.

I saw Priscilla and Michelle leaving one of the buildings at the back, the Inn had multiple buildings, lots of rooms for people to stay. They’d found a vortex in the lobby. I went to check it out, a nice positive energy pushing back at the surrounding darkness, so I joined the battle, reducing the darkness surrounding so the positive energy could reach the front building where we’d dined.

Crystal found me, urged me to join them, we were able to speak with the chef!

Mark Vecchitto, the chef, is very familiar with ghosts, he was a guest speaker at yesterday’s Para-Con in Ansonia, he has his own podcast on ghost stuff and was full of stories to share with us. He pointed out one ghost in the room with us that had been with the restaurant for a while, so I moved to stand next to it and overlap energies, feeling this ghost had physical deformities to upper and lower jaws, which had kept the ghost mute, as talking was painful. It took a while to work through feelings, then I moved on to healing, feeling his upper jaw reform, then his lower jaw grow, then the surrounding tissues rework to finally enable him to speak easily. While Mark told his fascinating stories, which Crystal was recording on her phone, I took the ghost up, and were met with a crowd of his friends all standing mute, caring for him, understanding him, and he got to say to them “Hey I can speak”! to much celebration.

Mark could talk for hours, but he had to get ready for the next meal, he’d noticed I’d been with the ghost and thanked me for helping him. Look for a video from YouTube / spirit healers ( to see and hear what Mark had to say.

A few hours later I got a text, the person who had told us about the Copper Beech Inn, had found her energy and had been busy all day, instead of doing maybe just one chore she’d felt was possible when we’d talked earlier before setting off for the Inn. Did we move on something that had been feeding off her?

Here’s Michelle’s notes:

Today’s adventure was at the Copper Beech Inn in Ivoryton, CT. Present were Paul, Marian, Crystal, Priscilla, Jay and Michelle. Upon entering, Priscilla felt some “rerun” energy, where she saw a replay of a man and a woman arguing. She also felt there was a slave woman that was disoriented. The inn hostess was very gracious, and upon request, we were able to see the “Summer room”, in which Michelle found a ghost of a woman. It was later confirmed by Deb on the team and the hostess that the room was haunted. The woman was dressed in late 19th/early 20th century clothing, and was crying, trying to “get away” from her attacker who killed her. Priscilla and Michelle both felt the woman was pushed down the stairs by her partner who was abusive. Michelle sent some healing energy to the woman, and was then sent to the light. While waiting for our brunch food, Paul discussed an intense energy that he asked if Michelle felt to her right, which she did. Upon returning from the ladies room, Priscilla was asked which side of her body she felt it in, and immediately she said her right (she was sitting on the same side of the table as Michelle), which all pointed into the direction of one of the inns on the property. Upon going into the building, both Priscilla and Michelle felt nausea and felt our ears in the beginning stages of popping, especially at a spot to the right upon first entering the building. Paul was able to enter the vortex and ease the chaos of the energy. Michelle wandered a bit in the building, and found the bar, which in the very back of the room, had intense energy, and a male ghost hanging out. When communicating this to the team in the lobby, the hostess asked what I had said, then said “Who told you that?” and “I can’t believe you said that”. No one had told Michelle, nor did she do any prior research, that the man who bought the place years prior had a massive heart attack the next day in that spot. Michelle was later able to lead him to the light. Crystal heard in her mind’s eye repeatedly a child’s voice asking her to help pull her out of somewhere. The team agreed that something was in the garden, and when they went outside, an intense energy was on one of the sides of the old water fountain. Michelle felt that there was a child that fell into the water source, but was pulled out and rescued. However, the energy of the trauma was still there, and Paul was able to transform it. Michelle also felt a male ghost in the older dining area on the other side upon first entering the building. It was later confirmed by two individuals that work there, and member Deb, that there is a male ghost that hangs out in that dining room. Michelle felt a few taps on her right leg from this man, and had difficulty moving this one on. Paul stepped in, healed him first, and was able to talk with him on a “man to man” level, then moved him on. At the end of our adventure, we met Mark Vecchitto, who was known as the “haunted chef”, and the facilitator of CT Paracon in Ansonia, who told us some incredible stories of his adventures with ghosts. Mark was also able to verify the ghosts we had found today, as he told us he has seen ghosts all of his life. We hope to connect with Mark in future events.