Cedar Crest Hospital, abandoned, Newington

I used to deliver psych patients here when I worked on an ambulance, and helped out when the State Police wanted to train their people to do first aid in an active scene (too dangerous to let non-police in) when I played one of the victims, we were split into three groups, one with the perp, one with the bomb, and one just in the way at the entrance. I had met Marian there, she’d been interested in wandering looking for ghosts while we waited for the stations to get set up. Now she’s one of the ghost-worker trainees.

Crystal had been there and said she felt ghosts, but was worried about police not wanting people in the area. I called Newington Police, they told me it was State Police jurisdiction, called them, was told no trespassing.

Crystal had also noticed there’s a trail nearby. On-line I saw one of the trail pictures which showed the abandoned hospital through a wire fence. People reviewing the trail all said it was easy.

Except it wasn’t. We weren’t on the main trail but a smaller one, approaching from the base of Cedar Mountain, so parts were steep too. Crystal found out her sandals had very little grip.

We heard a lot of noise as we approached, and saw some workers pile-driving poles into the ground, for fencing to be added, closer to the building, freeing up the parking area. That and the wind would make the audio on the video more of a problem. We found a spot, the workers stopped making noises, time for me to do my job.

There was an energetic barrier shielding the place. Using Heaven’s Light and draining or grounding to Earth helped, but whatever powered this was strong, so I added an attack to where I sensed the power source lay, and the field collapsed. Turning to the building, it was worse than expected, it was all covered in darkness. Repeating the two main methods, I slowly reduced the darkness, feeling ghosts as they became visible. There were a lot of ghosts and they had been unaware of the darkness. I called out to them, all could move and they joined me at the fence, some intruding on my energy field until told to step back a little.

I figured they needed healing first, so running the colors, I happened to notice that chakras also responded, so I worked both until all were healed. Some unusual damage bothered me, I wondered if the psych patients had received ECT (electro-convulsive therapy, sending an electric current through the brain), plus the hospital had housed Tuberculosis patients before being a psych facility, there was a lot more breathing healing needed, which implied some of the ghosts had been here a much longer time.

I used Michael’s method to move them on, then went searching for those still present. One was angry, flailing out, and after overlapping my energy field he calmed, and then realized he had trouble communicating his issues, poorly educated, not his fault. A teacher guide showed up as the ghost wanted to learn now, there was a place for him (up there). One was grieving, had loved someone so very much and suffered not able to be with her, he eased up a little when overlapping energy fields, and when I held his hand I was able to reach his loved one, and she arrived, glowing bright and everyone was happy, a really nice feeling. The last one was hiding, hadn’t realized that she was the last one, the building empty. She came out of hiding and was soon on her way up.

Retracing and following the trails was made easy by a phone app AllTrails, highly recommended.