Spirit Healers goes to the CT State Veteran’s Cemetery

Spirit Healers is Crystal’s new ghost website, she takes videos once a week, and today we went to the CT State Veteran’s Cemetery in Middletown. I’d been here before with one of the ghost workers, Anne, but focused on only one area which included someone she’d known. While there I’d found a ‘light’, a gateway left for ghosts to enter and get up to heaven.

Today we were going to report on the ‘light’ which is located on the one building there. While Crystal was setting up the camera and microphones, I wandered the nearby crematorium, I think that’s the word, where people’s ashes are interred. No ghosts associated with them, I was glad of that, though one ghost did wander up to ask what I was doing.

Video on, I talked about the ‘light’ and how Michael, Crystal and I had relied on them to help ghosts move on up when the Greater Hartford Paranormal Society was active. I talked about sensing them, as I use feelings and sensation, not vision. The ghosts can see them, just ask them, follow them and tell them to enter, and up they go.

We wandered to a nearby section of graves which I had not worked before, and guided the ghosts there up to heaven. None of the graves had flowers beside them, which was sad, but another area did, so we knew flowers were allowed.