CT State Prison cemetery

We went straight from the nearby Old Wethersfield Cemetery to Cove Park, where the only signs that anything had been here was a stone memorial set flat in the ground and a couple of posts to comment on and show the map of the CT State Prison.

Fairly big park, and not knowing where the memorial stone was, I let myself be pulled to where I needed to be, and walked straight to it, as I approached I got hit with a lot of emotional trauma, Michelle found the ghosts. There had been bodies buried here but none with headstones, nothing remained but ghosts and trauma energies.

The area was thick with trauma. Just Michelle, Marian and myself, as Crystal had to leave with Ashley for a while, everyone else had not continued on after working the first cemetery. I had to break it up into smaller pieces, about 3 yard wide circles, getting exhausted quickly once stepping outside and on to the next piece of trauma. The ladies meditated and did their thing, and together we cleared out the area. Thank you Michelle and Marian.

Here’s Michelle’s notes:

Paul then brought Marian and Michelle to a site on Cove Park where a prison used to be. There was much anger and despair here, and a general healing of their emotional state was needed first by Paul, followed by Michael’s technique from Michelle to send a group of them up that were ready to go. Some remained behind and were sent individually. Marian had one holding her hands for a bit, and then she was able to send them on their way. Michelle spent time healing the land and clearing the energy.

A fun and productive afternoon was finished by a stop to Paul’s favorite coffee shop Klekolo 🙂