Old Wethersfield Cemetery

Present were Michelle, and she brought an acquaintance Jay, whom we met at Hidden Gem on Main, in Wallingford, when we talked about ghosts, Marian, Roslyn and Bill, Crystal, and an observer Ashley and myself. A bright sunny summer’s day, not a cloud in the sky, perfect already for Michael’s method.

We split up, and when Jay and the two newest trainees Marian and Roslyn were near, I included them, asking them to sense what I was picking up so they could practice and boost their sensing skills. Michelle was doing the same.

I get pulled towards where I’m needed, where ghosts remain, sometimes using triangulation to hone in on the specific headstone. I wore a mike, so that Crystal could record me, and the other mike went to Roslyn, maybe the others. Check out recordings on Spirit Healers.

One ghost was sleeping, not had that before, and when Ashley touched the headstone, he woke up, grumpy! He had a lot of issues, most to do with his public face where he lived, unable to express his inner turmoil and needs, and a pretty woman waking him up caught him by surprise. He needed a coffee, then it changed to a loaf of bread, and he was unhappy! He’d woken up when the sun was up, too late to make today’s loaves, he was a baker! I worked with him for a while, and eventually hooked him up with a guide and up they went, he was looking forward to making more bread in a new life, lots of progress I’d told him, many more flavors to add.

The next ghost had a physical issue, Jay reported he felt pulled forward. I sensed weak legs and an apple shape, with lumbar disk issues, some ghost healing and he felt good, he’d stayed down here believing that if he was hurting he 1. wasn’t dead, and 2. couldn’t be in Heaven. Healed, up he went.

I sensed blue light all over the next ghost, Roslyn was nearby so I asked for her input, she could tell it was the bright blue dress and bustle the woman was wearing. She was sad, feeling forgotten, nobody came to her grave, the anniversary date was coming up soon, she didn’t have a calendar to know exactly what today’s date was, of course. We checked, 207 years due next month. So we talked, and worked on letting go of her sadness, and by going to Heaven she could get another life, with another family, even with the same souls, and be remembered. Ashley had picked some plants and gave me some, I placed them at this headstone, found more a little later and added them, so the ghost, if she looked back, could see someone had thought about her.

Marian had found one ghost, an upset male, only 34 years old when he died. He was grieving, he’d had his life ahead of him, with a family and it was all taken away. I took him up to show him his family, they appeared as he’d remembered them, and they talked about all having another life together, making sure this time it would be a long time spent together.

Finally, sent on up everyone who was ready, using Michael’s technique.

Here’s Michelle’s notes:

Today’s adventure was with Paul, Crystal, Marian, Roslyn, Bill, Jay, Ashley and Michelle. Many old headstones dating back to the 1600s. Many spirits individually were moved on by Michelle and Paul, and Marian moved on her first ghost! This was Jay’s first time with us, and he did great sensing the energy. Ashley found a baby in distress. Along the back where the church started was the heaviest energy, and Michelle felt a jolt of sorts at one point. A couple of the male ghosts in this area were angry, and color energy was utilized by a few of us to soothe. Michelle also saw Jesus step in for one of the men to move on, a first for her. Another didn’t want to work with a woman, but Michelle was persistent and got through to him.

Next up, a cemetery at nearby Cove park, where the State Prison had been.