Family hurting, more to do

Returned to this recent client, one daughter was ready for an energy checkup, attachment possible.  My first question to her was, did your parents pressure you? and she said yes. So, asked if Mom and daughter wanted to learn how to energetically protect themselves which they did. Fast learners. I then talked about chakras and auras, told the daughter what I’d do if it was ok with her, which it was, she checked out fine.

However, there was more ghost work to do! I’d missed the stuck energies in the master bedroom, and there was a lot, all those ghosts feeding at night, on the helpless couple, it was really unpleasant, both pushed to their limits. The client later added it had been so bad in the days before I’d shown up, the ghosts had wanted to squash any hope, the attacks were fiercer. Every emotion I’d found, every state of mind they’d been driven to was confirmed by the client.

There was one more ghost, he’d hidden when I was first there, hid for a week after then attacked, vicious. He was somewhere on the deck and soon after working on the stuck energy field he showed up, a ‘boss’ mentality, a mean, vindictive, demeaning boss, and assured of his rightness, distaning anything I might do. Unfazed, I continued to process his energies, diminishing him, until he attacked. Still unfazed I continued, he started to worry. And then something new happened. We were joined by two higher spirits, my client present felt them arrive too. They observed and I continued, we surrounded the ghost, energy fields touching to contain him, I wouldn’t let him flee. He still wouldn’t repent. He continued to shrink, but beyond normal, to that of some animated energy! This had not been a soul but the most aware animated energy I’d ever dealt with. And still the higher powers observed, going up? We ascended, still animated energy, no change in color, no awareness of light and love, so I moved him to an area of like energy where he eventually merged.