J B, Ghost Worker.

Congratulations! At the recent call “Heavy footsteps, electrical activity …”, she and Priscilla helped to move on the quiet ghost, I’d stepped out to unload stuck energies and came back and they’d done it without my help, the room clear of energies. J B helped to identify and clear stuck energies, corroborated my good feelings about the light / fan, both of us tall enough to reach it, the discrepancy with Priscilla’s evaluation resolved when we touched the lowest point, a globe at the bottom of the chain to turn the light / fan on and off. J B chose to move the Grandfather on, relaying his concerns and helping him to let go, to help from “up there” instead of still suffering down here.      J B’s input on what she was seeing and feeling supported Priscilla and my “feelings”. Solid work, I look forward to working with J B in the future.