Ghosts and other phenomena at work

I was delighted to be asked to intervene at a business, some abnormal and ‘unsettling’ events had led to one of the managers seeking ‘alternative’ answers and results. To avoid possibly upsetting some of the workers there, we arrived after the office had closed, and were guided around the building by staff familiar with each event.

First up was an office where the last few staff given that room had become ‘difficult’ which led to them leaving the company. No-one wanted to be assigned that office, the next in line wanted the energies gone before they had to move in.

To keep it quieter, there would only be two of us, Priscilla and myself, plus two managers. Easier to explain away if seen.

Priscilla surged ahead into the office, usually it’s me taking risks like that. I taught her well! We tuned into different energies, but agreed there was a lot going on inside. The office had a white board and teaching area slightly separated from the rest of the room. I immediately recognized the teaching mentality present, but this one was that of ‘I’m the Expert / You will listen to me / dammit’ lecturer who talks at the audience. I started to absorb and soften the intensity, but it was thanks to Priscilla who brought out a new device to work with ghosts that helped me fine-tune my approach. A recent astrological class had dealt with the transition from individual to becoming / returning to the group – a 12th house to Ascendant transition, in my case giving up being Expert by noticing the new, and becoming a student again. It helped me transform this energy. The support wall that partially separated the two parts of the room had strong energies attached, we both worked it. The energies were coming from below. This went deeper, but not downwards, but into the past. To Native American times. I felt that two Indian brothers had fought, only one could become Chief. One hated the other, and cursed him, and reinforced it with his dying breath, the fight had been witnessed, supporting the curse’s influence. So I went down the time-line to block the curse, block it affecting the surviving brother, block it affecting the witness, and the tribe, redirecting it down into the Earth. The attached bathroom and shower room, (wow! how many offices have those?) was above the actual fight location, but for that we would have to go down to the ground floor. We cleaned out the rest of the office, and had the managers hold Danburite and Pink Danburite to help freshen the office. They could feel the affect, both had shown they were sensitives.

Downstairs, right below the office there was an energy center, the one brother had picked that site to take advantage of the energies already set up by their tribe’s shaman. So those energies had to be detached and released.

Now for specific events. One had been caught on camera, a valve had disappeared, one moment there, the next gone! This type of event is usually caused by a poltergeist, I grabbed it and moved it up. The energy that went into forming the poltergeist came from Native American Indians who were upset with the unnatural materials – plastics and environmental impact, Priscilla got in touch with them and passed on the message that this company was making materials to help heal people and that particular valve was on something added to protect the environment even more that the previous tank.

There were a few staff issues, their negative energies impacting the work place, which got high ratings by me for being a good and caring place to work. These energies were personal issues of the staff and not caused by working there. The energies were cleaned out, but I pointed out that when the person returns to work on Monday, they will continue to emote and emit those energies, all I could do was remove background energies that had soaked in to their work areas.

One person had heard a sigh, that was due to an actual ghost walking through a wall, impatient, had things to do. Ghosts usually follow the paths of the house or building they lived or worked in, so to go through a wall suggested the wall had not been there. This ghost lived in the 1800’s, had been a clerk, dealing with financial matters and didn’t know he was dead. He’d just rushed past the person who was in his way, still trying to do his work. He had trouble believing he was dead, so I took him up and friends met him, wearing period outfits and said they’d take care of bringing him up-to-date.

One cubicle had been occupied with two staff having problems, one seeking alcohol and withdrawal, the other drugs, to attempt to deal with their situations. Both had been let go. WE took out the residual energies so they wouldn’t affect the next occupant.

One thing I did appreciate was verification, the managers agreed on my interpretation of staff member issues.

Priscilla did a lot more than I wrote about, here’s her notes:

Saturday Evening Paul and I were picked up by our client to go investigate an undisclosed location.  The site had reports of physical attacks, negative energy created a very unpleasant atmosphere for employees, and equipment parts disappearing into thin air which had been recorded on security video.  
When we arrived we met with another supervisor who had concerns about certain areas within this industrial business being disruptive to the continued employment of individuals.  I did not immediately feel any negative energy when entering the building.  It wasn’t until we went up the stairs to the areas of concern. When I entered the hallway I felt an immediate heavy, dark energy.  It seemed to be concentrated within two office areas that had a shared restroom. Centralized within these rooms I felt nauseated, as if I were on a ship sailing turbulent seas.  I worked on reducing that energy and  I surrounded it with light and positive healing energy and sent it down through the ground from where it seemed to emanate from.  I then worked on clearing the room using a crystal healing wand.  I proceeded with energizing the room with a golden, bright energy filled with love and healing.  I also laid a protective layer to the floor of the room.  We hadn’t yet gone downstairs.  I did not  want this energy to bounce back up.  
The supervisors themselves used Danburite to help clear the room and fill it with their intentions of healing this space.
Both Paul and I felt the energy came from the ground.  Paul sensed it was feuding tribal leaders who had cursed each other.
There was another area upstairs that seemed to be a supply area of sorts.  I felt that this room is being used as a venting room.  I sensed male energy that seemed to be punching the air and kicking things all while swearing up a storm.  Paul also sensed this individual vented in other ways, I’ll leave that to him to explain. (Not going there! pmr)
We then went downstairs to the shop floor . When I approached the area directly below the space upstairs, I felt tingling all over my body.  It seemed like the energy that was sent below did not make it all the way back into the earth.  I worked intensely on returning this energy back into the ground. 
Paul had sensed  poltergeist activity at the site of the documented equipment disappearance.  It was here that I had a conversation, that started with two male native Americans but then family and tribal members gathered.  They were upset at the idea that this area was polluting Mother Earth.  I explained to them the purpose was life-saving and that the process was being corrected to be less destructive.
There were many areas that the negative energy seemed to feed off of individual employees.  Paul and I approached these areas individually.  There was one area that I tried to walk through but it was like I hit a brick wall. An employee who worked at that station who had tragically lost a family member and they had a lot of grief that was not dealt with and this made them a very angry person and they were taking it out on coworkers.
There was another area where a tool went missing.  I did not sense anything spiritual related to that missing tool. I did, however, feel a very negative residual energy from a former employee who had health issues related to his stomach. His energy was stuck and was creating the same health issues for his replacement.  While I was clearing this space, there was a physical attack on one of the supervisors.  They started to feel a stabbing pain within their abdomen area.  I tried to heal them and then had them leave the area so I could continue to clear this space. This took some time.
There was also another area where I could sense the employee was getting a lot of headaches.  This employee was known to have mood swings that were concerning. I felt that this was a physical thing and this employee should have their headaches checked out by a doctor.
This site has been one of the most active sites I’ve been to.  There were a lot of different reasons for the paranormal events.  I’m not sure if we have addressed them all but we did leave our clients with ideas and suggestions to help quiet things.  Our clients were very employee focused and want only the best environment for everyone to work in.

I went back to the office a couple of months later, I was in the area and offered to check-in. There were four more areas of stuck energy which we had not noticed, maybe because we were looking for aggressive energies. These energies were passive, fearful, hesitant and unsure, trying to hide, coming from the people who had suffered on the receiving end of the authoritative tyrant ruling the office. One had become animated and I took that one up to join more of the same. The one manager accompanying me could feel changes had been made, the place was better, and confirmed my findings, a conversation between the two managers previously had mentioned those feelings were present.