A baby under attack, immediate help needed

Brenda alerted me to this, located in West Hartford, CT, fellow ghost-worker Crystal lives nearby and was available mid-week, we met Brenda at the scene, along with the client, her daughter and baby son. All we knew was that the baby monitor showed 30 degree drops in temperature around the baby for a short time, plus a ‘black blobby thing’ was recorded on camera outside the baby room window. The baby would not sleep in the room now. The client had moved into this house within the last 2 months. The spouse had lost his teenaged son two years ago.

Brenda volunteered that the client had a history of unusual ‘events’ so I started with an aura & chakra check, no attachments but some issues with blocked chakras. Reading them starts the process of releasing the blockages, the client needs to meditate on the feedbacks to let go of them.

Next came the electric power checks, found in one room the plugs weren’t grounded, listened with my ultrasonic sensor, normal electrical activity, nothing too ‘loud’, nothing emitting a lot of energy.

Shields next, went through a short class on creating and maintaining shields, with some practice on fending off attacks. Her simplest attack went through my shields! I need to pay attention and resume maintaining my shields!

The first room I checked, the daughter’s, had the most energies, while removing the background stuck energy, I was attacked from behind by a ghost. My shields were up, no harm done, but I had to deal with this ghost. A male ghost, raging, all aimed at the bed, where a girl would lay. This ghost had stayed with the house and raged at the previous occupant of this room, a girl. He was calling her a slut, amongst other comments. Maybe her father? I overlapped my energies with him to ‘listen’ to his comments and reduce his anger. After a while he started to listen, and was shocked to find out he was dead and had been raging at another girl, the newest occupant of this room. He was so sorry, and pretty soon I was able to take him up there to meet with a friend of his who would handle this ghost’s adjustment to being in Heaven.

Next came the baby’s room. First came multiple layers of anxiety as I approached the cot, I’m not a parent but have been told these anxieties are normal for all parents. There was a different, darker energy between the cot and the window. I was able to tap into this energy and shortly the ghost showed up. Another male ghost, he viewed this baby as being damaged, and was considering putting the baby and everyone else burdened by the baby out of their misery! In addition I picked up he had racist issues too, unrelated to this baby. I got pictures of him ‘caring’ for older, sicker people and being angry with them for being burdens. He’d been a low-level aide, part of his job to look after people. Once I’d overlapped my body / energy with him, he had a much different viewpoint, as I’d tended to sicker people when working as a paramedic. He’d never considered learning how to care and treat people to make them better! He realized he’d been wrong, and with that I took him up, a large group of people he’d known awaited him, and they’d talk, he was in good hands.

The client had more questions, this time about past lives, and mentioned that she’d been (was?) unpleasant (I’m choosing a different word than the one she used). I went back four lives, the most recent, as a boy, she’d explored an abandoned building and fell down a shaft, no-one knew where he was and he starved to death. The next, again as a boy, the ground shaking, next to a cliff, rubble falling, the end was quick. A long gap to the next one, as a woman, she’d made it to old age, had grandchildren to care for, but had been mostly alone, being a little ‘difficult’ to be around. The next one was also way back, in Egypt, she’d been someone well-off and had treated her slaves very poorly. One of them killed her with a knife to the right abdomen.

She also wanted to know about the husband’s dead son and his relationship with his father now. The son had not had a good time, but eventually ‘made up’ with his dad before he died. The father had eventually learned how to be a good parent, so the dead son wasn’t too worried about his baby brother now.

Crystal meanwhile had been listening and recording messages from ghosts passing through, alerting us to issues outside, behind the house. I’d already checked out a map and seen this house was extra hidden by the geography. The neighbors had set up a fire area and practiced ritual burning and magical / spiritual activities. I took all of it and redirected it to the center of the Earth, then grabbed the magic spell used to focus and shield these activities and took it apart to remove it.

Job done, I wanted a coffee and to try out a new restaurant in town, G-Monkey, at 625 New Park Avenue, West Hartford. 860-937-5457. I knew of the owner and one of his chefs, Lia Franz, who wasn’t working when we we there. Delicious vegetarian and vegan foods, I’ll definitely be going back.

Brenda got a call from the client two days later, they’d heard a bang at 4am and the words “How’s that!” I could respond that day but they were heading out for a few days. So I did some remote work and got in touch with a poltergeist, I hadn’t sensed it and it hadn’t acted up while we were there. Poltergeists just have to be faced head on and worn down until all the hate / anger based emotion is gone, and the poltergeist fades away. It took just under an hour. I haven’t heard anything since they returned home, so fingers crossed.