Freetown-Fall River State Forest in Massachusetts

The group I’m in is called S.H.O.N.E. which stands for Spirit Healers of New England. So yes, we’re telling the world that we respond to ghost and paranormal issues in New England, not just Connecticut, which appears on my website header (with an asterix).

Priscilla found this site, part of a ‘triangle’ with at least 15 ghost locations mentioned (The Bridgewater Triangle), we tackled the forest because the weather forecast made the Swamp option less pleasant. As it turned out, the weather was unseasonably global warmed, and dry.

Present were Michelle, Priscilla and I, meeting Michael and Marian there.

First up, a circle of trees, Priscilla tuned in first to some abuse that had happened there, which had initially been exciting, until it turned sour. It was so bad that Priscilla had to walk away to resettle her feelings. Each of us tuned in to the emotions there, I tuned in to the guy’s emotions. Both people are now dead, the female ghost attached herself to our group, following, and sometimes, joining in. The guy apologized and I moved him up.

A side trail on the right presented to me as a faery gate, everyone else picked up something different, Priscilla tuning in to the Native American ghosts outside and around us. Michael and Michelle tuned in to the ghosts already on the path, calling in more nearby, over 200 present and both of them moved them all on. I now felt an emptiness, the fae were still there, glad that those humans stuck there had now gone.

Another section, our accompanying ghost didn’t like the area, and as it was my turn, I stepped in, felt a group of male ghosts, young men, preying on any girls that wandered by. I overlapped my energy layers with one, then the rest of the boys, and waited until they all sensed how unsatisfying this was, they weren’t happy and were never going to be happy if they continued. Now open to something else, they left, hopefully aware of going up and moving on.

Chatting with Marian, we caught up to the rest of our group, they’d found a portal. And something else, and challenged me to identify it. I’d been unusually jovial all the time here, they wondered if it was something in the coffee I’d picked up at Dunkin Donuts. Hey! I can be happy! So I told them it was the Pillsbury Doughboy. Ok, back to reality … I stepped into the area they indicated and felt myself inside some wooden box / shed, and attacked. By something that had razor edged tentacles. In the dark. I pulled in a little light to see better, saw this black thing, with one big eye looking at me, and it attacked even harder. Alien. Water environment on its world, deep water, little to no light at those depths. Predator. Came through this portal and nowhere to go or hide, stayed here and fed off anything else coming through the portal (maybe going outside when it was dark to feed too?) I englobed it and took it home (Michael asked to know how I did it, and he recorded it on his phone). We left the portal, it was doing no harm.

Nearby was another ghost, an overweight male. None of the women were willing to deal with him, so I entered him, overlapped, he was happy about his weight and shape, some women liked it he told me. I worked with him on his issues and Michael moved him on up.

Michael and Marian now used his technique to move all the ghosts that had accumulated around us, including the one female ghost we’d picked up at the beginning.

We’d done a lot of work and were all exhausted, and there’s a lot more forest to explore.

The conversations though, were excellent, all the stuff you can’t discuss with non-psychics, about ghosts and paranormal and energetic topics. The two hour drive here had passed quickly, I dozed a little on the way back, then more topics to discuss.

Here’s Michelle’s notes:

Today’s adventure was with Paul, Priscilla, Michael, Michelle and Marian. Priscilla had a tip that there were many strange things and sightings that happened in this area. Priscilla even pointed out there is a documentary called “The Bridgewater Triangle” that tells the story in depth about murders, kidnappings, ufo sightings and more (check it out). The area itself is huge, and we decided to only tackle a small part of it today. Upon arriving at the entrance of the park, Priscilla felt a very heavy presence of a man who was the perpetrator of a killing. He was very pretentious, and was super challenging to work with, thinking we “knew it all”. We also felt the presence of the young woman who was killed there by stabbing. The spirit woman was enamored by our presence, and followed us around for a bit, stating she had never felt so safe. Michelle was able to finally move the man up to the light, and the energy felt better. As we were walking down the path, we found a group of about 20 lost spirits on a side shoot of the trail. The fear was palpable from them, as they really didn’t know what was going on, and they didn’t realize they were dead. Michelle attempted to soothe them with pink and purple healing energy, and Michael was able to reason with them and and help them move forward using his group technique. Paul found some fae energy, and Priscilla was able to tap into the Native American energy, which was abundant. Michelle and Michael found many random spirits “in the trees” on the path, and we invited them to follow us for a group healing. This was done a few times, as there were more and more spirits arriving (around 200 total were moved on). Marian also participated in her first group healing today 🙂Michael and Michelle also found a large portal, which made Michelle’s left ear pop and gave her a headache on the left side. Paul was able to calm the energy down, and since the portal wasn’t in the way, we left it alone, as we believe it’s a necessary creation in order for spirits to travel. Last but not least, the young woman was still with us from the beginning, and Michael called in her spirit guide to assist. Many of us felt there was much work left to be done, and we will do some research to do some remote work. However it’s apparent that this area has a heaviness about it, and we concluded that what they said about this area is not just a fictional story.